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Trump Commission Meeting to Restrict YOUR Voting Rights — HAPPENING NOW

13 September 2017

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) largely defended an article published Friday in which he pointed to statistics showing that more than 6,000 people had voted in a close election here using out-of-state driver's licenses to prove their identity.

Kobach, an advocate of tougher voter identification, also said Clinton may have won New Hampshire due to illegal voting by non-residents. After an organizational gathering in July, the panel is holding several meetings around the country. In fact, a 2015 court ruling decided that very question in New Hampshire, finding that you can be eligible to vote in New Hampshire but not be subject to the driver's license residency regulation. This, Kobach suggested in a column that he wrote last week for Breitbart, means that most of those voters never lived in New Hampshire at all.

Critics of the voter commission questioned the credentials of those who are presenting Tuesday. "I hope we all learn from this".

While Gardner says his participation on the presidential commission is a public service, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat, said, she was "concerned that reckless accusations of widespread voter fraud and illegitimate elections in New Hampshire could jeopardize our state's first-in-the-nation presidential primary".

Dunlap continued to fact-check Kobach, saying that accusing someone with an out-of-state ID of committing voter fraud is like accusing someone who has cash of robbing a bank. Kobach acknowledged he should have hedged his wording, but did not admit he was wrong.

Mr. Kobach appeared to backtrack on his claim, allowing that out-of-state college students in New Hampshire are legally entitled to vote and that his assertion that fraud had swung elections there may have been too strong.

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"Today's meeting makes it clear that the real goal of President Trump's sham voter commission is to the lay the foundation for voter suppression efforts", said Sewell stated in a press release Tuesday afternoon. It's nearly as if widespread voter fraud is a myth. Mark Annotti, a deportation officer at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said he has encountered thousands of immigrants during his service in Boston and Florida and regularly asks them whom they voted for in the latest election.

King's comments, however, were the most critical so far by a member on the commission.

And this isn't even a new lie, it's a recycled lie from many months ago when Trump supporters, including White House advisor Stephen Miller, claimed that there were busloads of illegal voters sent from MA to New Hampshire to cast votes for Clinton.

In a statement issued Tuesday before the meeting, Sen.

That experience prompted Dunlap to call foul on Kobach's fraud claims in the Granite State. We often get complaints that there are college students who are out-of-state students who are voting.

The 12-member commission includes one black man, former Ohio Republican secretary of state Ken Blackwell, and two women, Indiana Republican secretary of state Connie Lawson and Christy McCormick, a former Justice Department civil rights division attorney.

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Mr. Gardner said he would remain on the panel, calling it a civic duty.

Many who spoke with Eyewitness News accuse Republican leaders of trying to silence the votes of some American citizens. The first meeting focused on honing the commission's mission and the issues it would tackle. He renewed his views on Tuesday. It saves time - eliminating long lines - and is more accurate, King said. "But I get it". It's just that I don't have proof.

The law says a voter must be domiciled in the state, but it is possible to be domiciled without necessarily being a resident. "It may make recommendations or I think at this point there's a high possibility the commission makes no recommendations and they just say here's the data; states, do with it what you want".

Lott said that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) flags numerous same concerns that could disqualify voters.

Ken Block, a Republican who heads a software company, complained that the government is not "actively looking for fraud", telling a story about how he tested the system by obtaining a voter ID card in Rhode Island by using forged documents.

"It might be a solution that might please both sides", Lott said. Kander called it "the biggest lie a sitting president has ever said".

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Trump Commission Meeting to Restrict YOUR Voting Rights — HAPPENING NOW