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ObamaCare Repeal Is Dead: Here Are The 2 Big Winners

14 September 2017

Graham and Cassidy are expected to unveil Wednesday their latest proposal to overhaul health care, but rank-and-file members aren't sounding too optimistic. "We will defend it at every turn". 12 other senators have signed onto Sanders' bill.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is among the lawmakers introducing a last-ditch Obamacare repeal bill on Wednesday.

While the final whistle hasn't blown, it seems pretty clear that two big winners have emerged from the Republicans' defeat: Bernie Sanders and his vision of Medicare for all, and - if stock prices are an accurate gauge - the health insurance industry. Democrats point to a study from the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that found that an earlier version of the bill would result in a 34 percent cut in spending compared to ObamaCare over 10 years.

Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate have not endorsed the Sanders bill and say their immediate concern is to protect coverage under the Affordable Care Act, which still faces attacks from Republicans.

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But Graham and Cassidy have persisted, and they said they had encouragement from the White House and some Republican governors.

This is not part three of the battle to take down the Affordable Care Act. As an example, Pennsylvania has almost double the population of MA, but receives 58 percent less Obamacare money than MA.

Proponents argue that the system would greatly reduce the cost and improve the quality of health care. Copayments would be allowed for prescription drugs.

"Graham then pointed out that Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin came out in support of a block grant approach: "[Bevin] figured if I take the money that would have been spent on ObamaCare and you give it to [Bevin] in Kentucky with flexibility I can get better outcomes for the citizens of Kentucky than some bureaucrat in Washington". Graham on Wednesday said that single-payer is "inevitable" if Republicans can't repeal Obamacare. But the reality is that when the GOP started making promises of more and better care, without delivering anything, it set up single-payer to eventually succeed. "That's what the American people want to know in terms of what we're doing".

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"That does not bother the proponents, but the leadership of the [Democratic] party ... is concerned that's not going to fly with voters", he said. Johnson said. "Returning more health care decisions to the states and ensuring equal treatment for states like Wisconsin that spend taxpayer dollars wisely will allow local leaders to tailor their health care system to the needs of its citizens while maintaining protections for those with high cost and pre-existing conditions".

"It's convincing unless you're familiar with how it works, in which case, it's no convincing at all", he said.

Calling the American health care system broken, Wood said a single-payer system would prevent American families from having to make such impossible choices. He said the deal passed by Congress to extend the borrowing limit to December 8 doesn't eliminate the so-called "extraordinary measures" the Treasury secretary can use to keep borrowing.

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ObamaCare Repeal Is Dead: Here Are The 2 Big Winners