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Paul Ryan: 'There is no agreement' between Trump and Democrats on DACA

15 September 2017

The deal Trump made with Democrats expires in 90 days. Trump recently announced he would end that measure, but asked Congress to legislate a replacement in the next six months.

"Although Trump has said border security should be part of any deal, Cuellar said he told them, "'The wall would come later.' So he did not link the wall to DACA".

Meanwhile, Trump was addressing the DACA negotiations during a visit to Florida to meet with victims of Hurricane Irma and said Dreamers would have no path. He added that "the wall will come later".

"In a series of White House meetings with top Democrats in recent days, Trump has shown a new willingness to deal with his political opposition on a range of topics, including taxes". Olive; DACA allowed her to get a social security number and a driver's license so she could legally work to put herself through school.

But Trump appeared to contradict that later while en route to visit with Floridians.

"We will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration, we will break the cycle", he said during a rally in Phoenix.

"Many supporters of the president wonder whether our king has been captured and (White House chief of staff John) Kelly and a clique of generals and their globalist friends are now governing", said Roger Stone, a longtime informal adviser to Trump.

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"Really", Trump tweeted Thursday.

"Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military?" But does anyone who has watched this president operating over the past eight months have much faith that he will rise to the occasion?

"We voted for Donald Trump because we wanted something different than what Hillary Clinton was gonna give this country. and the deal that we heard coming out of the White's what we would expect Hillary Clinton to give us", Martin said.

And then there's Trump's suggestion that any deal on immigration (i.e. DACA) must come with "an understanding" that funding for a border wall would be worked towards at a later date.

What we're doing is, we're doing it in conjunction with the Republicans.

Still, some of Trump's most loyal supporters in the right-wing media decried Trump's efforts to strike a deal with Democrats. But Bannon, who kept a tally of Trump's campaign promises in his West Wing office, was pushed out this summer as part of Kelly's takeover of the White House. Readers congregated by the thousands in the comments section for an article with a bright red headline: "Amnesty Don".

Later, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders fired back that "excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to".

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"That swamp he was gonna drain. he has jumped into that swamp", the caller said.

Rep. Steve King, arguably the most anti-immigrant member of Congress, tweeted Wednesday night that if this agreement is struck, "Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond fix".

McGraw, 56, wants a physical border wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, but "it's not a deal-breaker", she said. As Pelosi, the only woman at the table of 11, tried to make her point - that the president gets the cooperation of the Democrats, which he will likely need on a host of issues - the men in the room began talking over her and one another. "I think that's something the Democrats are beginning to understand".

Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, offered more conciliatory remarks.

Curbelo has other Republicans' support. Sen. Many immigrants have been consumed by worry since Trump's announcement of his plan to end the deferred-action program. Back in Raleigh, Amada said she doesn't know who to believe. He spoke at a rally by civil-rights groups.

Rottinghaus says the challenge for those who want a deal is the opposition of conservatives, who see allowing DACA recipients to remain in the a form of amnesty for unauthorized immigrants. "I don't know. It's just freaky, but this is the president's decision".

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