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Some of iOS 11's best new features won't be available at launch

19 September 2017

It's not likely that Apple is purposefully slowing the iPhone down each fall. What makes its fans so loyal? We found this particularly useful especially for 4K recordings on our iPhone that tend to eat up space and an incredible rate.

Apple users don't have long to wait. This is the main reason why phones like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S are still being sold widely in the market today.

There are chances that you might not find iOS 11 in good taste.

Just do to iTunes, tap on the device, see if the new software update has arrived and starting downloading.

While the supported devices for iOS 11 range back three or so years, if your device is more than two generations old, you may be better off not updating. With that said, Apple fans are advised to take a closer look at the following combability list and to see if their device is in there.

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If you are an iOS user, the main thing to remember is that most apps saying it can perform a virus scan on iOS is false and misleading. The feature was part of the mobile operating system until the tech company made a decision to launch it this Fall.

Alternatively, you can connect the iPhone or iPad to a PC running iTunes and do the upgrade from there.

On the other hand, Reuters maintained that a manufacturer as big as Apple was unlikely going to feel the effects of the memory chips shortage. Although malware on iOS is not almost as common on iOS as on Android, it can definitely still be a possibility.

Your handwritten notes will even be searchable, because iOS 11 can translate your scrawl into proper text. Privacy is also a priority for Apple with its own software, which explains the amount of encryption features that the company highlights whenever it pushes out new software. "Someone within Apple leaked the list of URLs to 9to5Mac and MacRumors". So by now, such spammers and other non-developers will not be able to upload their applications to the App Store. Dedicated tabs like "Today" and "Games" will springboard App Store users into the categories that they're interested in most. Your iPhones, iPods, and iPads will start getting the iOS update.

Just like Android's Play Store, App Store is also overflowing with illegal Virus Scanning apps.

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You've probably heard of this phrase before, probably in various versions.

A new feature for the iPad. However, there are some hidden features too which will surely make your life as an iPhone user much easier.

The Apple Company provides no official information in this inflation is unexpected. In simple words, Apple Pay can be used to transfer money to your friends through iMessages, though Apple Pay is not available in India but we hope it will available soon in India.

iPhone users will get some under-the-hood changes - paving the way for ARKit, Apple's new augmented reality framework.

Even for the more futuristic technologies like Google Tango are still very much in the experimental stage. ARKit will significantly grow the accessibility of AR technology, joining cutting-edge programs such as Google Tango, which is now only available on AR-specific device Lenovo Phab 2.

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Apple's voice assistant now has a more natural voice.

Some of iOS 11's best new features won't be available at launch