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Apple Music for Android Gets an Update Alongside iOS 11

21 September 2017

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the major software update for its operating system.

Included here is a list of devices that'll be able to download and load iOS 11. However, some were still left for the users to discover. With iOS 11, Apple has finally transformed the experience on the iPad.

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With iOS 11, AAPL is making the move to a fully 64-bit platform, for greater speed and performance.

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The bigger news, however, is that users will now be allowed to customize their Control Center. However, most of the options are still available on a single page. This will let users store much more media than before. While, in theory, Apple could just have backwards compatibility with 32-bit applications, they've chosen to give that up for iOS 11, so for apps, it's upgrade or die.

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On iOS 11 you can take a screenshot just like before - by pressing the home button and the lock button at the same time.

Control Center Customization- Another customization you will find now with iOS 11 officially released is the Control Center. The phone rebooted itself twice before the process completed. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Some users noted this would make it easy for others to record SnapChat videos - which can only be watched once - or Instagram stories, which expire after 24 hours. Yes, it's time for another iMazing tip, simply because the software is so powerful and it's even more useful now that Apple has seriously nerfed iTunes.

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You can play different tracks in different rooms, at different volume levels.

Rather not talk to Siri out loud?

iOS 11 is available for download since Tuesday, September 11.

In other words, no, you won't be able to upgrade to iOS 11 with iPhone 5. Post the limit. Apple Company will notify you to use the Wi-Fi network for downloading. Open the the Control Centre and long-press the flashlight icon to explore this.

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After this, you have to put your iPhone into DFU or Recovery Mode.

Apple Music for Android Gets an Update Alongside iOS 11