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Pelosi defends Dream Act, deal with Trump at Sacramento event

21 September 2017

More than a dozen states from ME to California have sued over the administration's decision to phase out the program, alleging similar constitutional violations. In repealing DACA, the president gave Congress a six-month window to adopt legislative protections for those enrolled in the program, who were brought to the country illegally as children. While culpable, however, this Republican failure is not all on the heads of the Senate and the House.

The Dream Act would seal the fate of 800,000 DREAMers now protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

Last week, Pelosi and Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer met with Trump twice and discussed a deal to provide legal status to young immigrants.

"Some people are saying, "Well if you pass that, then what about other undocumenteds?' Well comprehensive immigration reform is our goal, we think this is a good first step and we do want to protect the families", she said". He said Democrats are already beginning to agree that any agreement to pass the DREAM Act must include increases in border security and enforcement.

"Democrats are not the resistance of Trump". Not exactly the art of the deal.

Pelosi and Schumer released another joint statement in which they said the president's tweets were "not inconsistent" with Wednesday's talk.

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Pelosi was to speak about the DREAM Act and finding a resolution to President Donald Trump's decision to end DACA, and the protesters were unhappy with her decision to negotiate with Trump on a settlement. "The president likes to call it DACA" - as if the two measures are practically interchangeable when they are not. "We can certainly make improvements on what the last administration did, but they did lay some important building blocks".

"If what we're going to do is address DACA, we ought to do that on its own and we ought to address border security on its own", said Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX). "Would be subject to vote". He told reporter, "DACA now, and the wall very soon".

Because for them, the Trump presidency is not about fulfilling lifelong dreams of enacting conservative policy ideas (sorry Freedom Caucus).

"We made it clear that we can not have any trust and conversation unless we address the Dream Act passed", Pelosi said she told Trump, adding later that she wants the bill "to be the basis of how we go forward". From the White House's perspective, that frustration - and Trump's pivot to working with Democrats - is entirely justified.

"We told him no wall and he said I understand that", Pelosi said.

It's hardly a secret that Adam Schiff and Donald Trump will never be exchanging best friends necklaces at the White House holiday party.

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"Right now, I want him to like the Dreamers", she said.

Longtime allies dubbed Trump "Amnesty Don" and warned he risked fracturing his political base, after the enigmatic president opened the door for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to stay in the US.

The group was apparently angry that Pelosi and Dem. Sen. minority leader Chuck Schumer have been negotiating with the president on immigration, in order to save the "Dreamers" from deportation. The cost of a permanent Dream Act, they say, could be a new and emboldened deportation force across the nation that undermines civil liberties and terrorizes law-abiding immigrants.

But will Trump stick with that position?

Trump later changed his message stressing "the wall is going to be built and it will be funded later".

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Pelosi defends Dream Act, deal with Trump at Sacramento event