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US Consumers Back New Laws, Class-Action Suits After Equifax Hack

21 September 2017

Equifax then retained Mandiant once again when suspicious activity was detected on July 29th.

The House Financial Services Committee is seeking information about trading in Equifax options almost three weeks before the credit reporting company disclosed a massive data breach, a source familiar with the inquiry told CNBC.

The company has also set up a dedicated call center to assist consumers with questions and signing up for the free offering and has continued to ramp up the call center to reduce wait times. This is the real website; only use it to check if you were part of the breach.

Healey filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court.

Canada's privacy watchdog has said it is looking into the breach and Equifax has committed to notifying those affected in writing as soon as possible.

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According to Equifax, on July 29 their security team observed suspicious network traffic associated with its USA online dispute portal web application. "Equifax has agreed to provide testimony to Congress and we will continue to work with all these parties to resolve the issues".

As the lawsuits pile up against Equifax for exposing almost half the country's social security numbers, you're likely not the only one wondering, "Who has my social security number?"

Like millions of others, I was informed by the credit bureau that my personal financial information may have been compromised by the company's recent epic data breach.The Equifax debacle posed a quadruple threat, exposing people's addresses, birth dates, social security and driver's license numbers.

In the meantime, company executives sold more than $1.8 million in stock before disclosing that Equifax's security had been compromised. Once the breach was disclosed on September 7, the shares sank.

It keeps getting more complicated for Equifax. An emailed statement from the credit-monitoring agency said the executives "had no knowledge" of the breach beforehand.

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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is questioning two other credit-monitoring companies, TransUnion and Experian, about what precautions they have taken to protect sensitive consumer information. In doing so, he added his voice to those of several other attorneys general who recently wrote to Equifax with similar concerns. That's why I've joined my colleagues in sending a letter to the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and the SEC to launch full investigations.

The three senior executives dumped nearly $2 million worth of stock days after the company learned of the breach, Securities and Exchange Commission filings show.

Reports suggest the first attack may have been carried out by the same group of hackers, but Equifax said it did not involve the same intruders.

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