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Amazon upgrades Fire HD 10 with hands-free Alexa integration

22 September 2017

Amazon's glasses, however, will let users give Alexa a command from anywhere at any time, rather than when in range of Amazon's Echo devices, without having to open the smartphone app, reports Engadget. Amazon's Alexa could be worth $10 billion in revenue by 2020 according to RBC Capital Markets.

Lead Image: The glasses will connect to Alexa through a bone-conduction audio system that transmits sounds into the wearer's head by vibrating their skull, say reports. "Amazon today announced the all-new Fire HD 10, the next-generation of Amazon's largest tablet, now with a brilliant 10.1" widescreen 1080p Full HD display with over 2 million pixels.

Amazon is developing the device inside a secretive experimental arm called Lab126, according to The Financial Times.

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But despite not being a market disruptor, Google Glass' legacy continues to live on at Amazon. However, it'll include support for Alexa, allowing you to ask the virtual assistant to set up appointments and tell you what's happening throughout the day.

With a pair of smart glasses, however, you'd be able to summon Alexa at any time, simply using your voice. Amazon's smart glasses may not be equipped with a camera, and neither will it come with a heads-up display, as Google Glass did. There won't, however, be a screen or camera on the model as with Google Glass. If they really are as unobtrusive as claimed, there could be Amazon workers walking around with Alexa-powered glasses right now, and we wouldn't know. Like the entire Kindle device family, the Fire HD 10 is positioned as a gateway to Amazon's vast media and app catalog.

Amazon has also added dual speakers to the system with support for Dolby Atmos.

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The sources said that the company is pursuing the smart glasses project in parallel with an initiative to develop a home security camera.

If these products are to be unveiled by year's end, at least investors won't have to wait too much longer to see what Amazon has in the pipeline. introduced the all-new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet on Tuesday. Plus, Amazon has provided access to services such as Pandora, Expedia and Domino's as well as compatibility with SmartThings, Net, Ring and Arlo to deliver a smarter experience.

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Amazon upgrades Fire HD 10 with hands-free Alexa integration