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Jeremy Corbyn avoids awkward Brexit debate

25 September 2017

He set out his plans to use his grassroots support to change the Labour Party and become Prime Minster.

The upbeat atmosphere is remarkable evidence of Jeremy Corbyn's unassailable grip on the party since he oversaw an unexpected surge in Labour support at the general election.

The award, named for a prospective Labour MEP who was killed in Afghanistan in 2014, recognises effective campaigns. "We must have a debate in this party and the leadership must listen to the views of those ordinary union members who voted to leave".

It also exposed the rift between Mr Corbyn's own Euroscepticism and the growing push among Labour Party members to either avert a Tory-led "hard Brexit" or abandon it altogether.

In a message to some Labour supporters who have engaged in vitriolic attacks at women MPs from other wings of the party, he said: "All women who represent our party deserve our unqualified support". I'm glad this has been recognised.

Before the rally, at Labour's women's conference, Mr Corbyn said he wanted a "more open, more democratic party" with the "widest possible participation".

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Ironically Del Singh, an aid worker who was murdered by the Taliban, had previously served on the board of Labour Friends of Palestine.

"The letter, signed by senior figures in the Labour movement, including former shadow cabinet members Heidi Alexander and Chuka Umunna, say it is "unsustainable to say we are an anti-austerity party" while being in favor of leaving the single market and customs union".

The shadow Brexit secretary said options for retaining the benefits of the single market and customs union "should not be swept off the table", as he also mentioned a new bespoke trade deal.

"The question is more one of strategy and compromise rather than ideological division and that's the point the Labour party has to get to". 'What I said was we need at least two terms to start to address issues of poverty and injustice and inequality in Britain, ' he said.

Labour's shadow Brexit secretary said at the party's conference in Brighton on Monday that the party "would build a new progressive partnership with the European Union", if it were in government. Which do we fear most: five years of Labour government or decades of reduced access to our largest, nearest and richest market?

"The election has changed politics in this country", Corbyn told The Guardian newspaper in a recent interview, adding that "the strength of the party" would be the focus of the conference in Brighton on England's south coast.

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"You have as much chance of stopping Brexit as Jeremy Corbyn has of wearing my Tottenham shirt".

Starmer said Labour was presenting "a pragmatic approach".

"In fact I think Brexit must be stopped", she said. "Let's see if that survives contact with Tory party conference".

Labour MPs and some trade union leaders have insisted that Labour should promise to end freedom of movement for EU nationals.

"The difficulty we are in at the moment is the politics of the United Kingdom is really driving the negotiations", she told BI.

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Jeremy Corbyn avoids awkward Brexit debate