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No vote this week on GOP health care bill

27 September 2017

In a last-ditch effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Republicans have been pushing to pass the newest iteration of "Trump Care", known as the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill.

A new analysis finds that 34 states and Washington, D.C., would lose money under the newest version of the Republican health care bill.

McConnell could afford to lose only two of his members. Lindsey Graham, one of the bill's principal authors, had framed it as "federalism versus socialism".

Cassidy was blunt: "We don't have the votes", adding, "Am I disappointed?"

"Where we go from here is tax reform", he said, citing the next big GOP goal.

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"But the Graham-Cassidy bill takes away from Pennsylvania, which has expanded Medicaid".

Before Collins's announcement, Trump expressed frustration that Republicans had talked for years about repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act but failed to deliver now that a Republican was in the White House. While it extended health insurance to some 20 million Americans, they believe it is an unwarranted and costly government intrusion into healthcare, while also opposing taxes it imposed on the wealthy.

McConnell says Sanders' plan would "rip" health insurance from people.

With the newly updated bill, four states: Alaska, Maine, Arizona and Kentucky, would receive more funding.

President Donald Trump called Obamacare a "disaster" and urged GOP leaders to repeal and replace it, saying he will sign any such bill that lands on his desk. Vice President Mike Pence also called the senator at her home in ME over the weekend, she said.

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Graham and Cassidy tried to get the repeal legislation passed under the Senate's budget reconciliation rules, which expire at the end of the fiscal year, on September 30.

The Republican senator called the protesters "good fodder for Twitter", proclaiming that the Senate panel is above such "shenanigans".

Susan Collins (R-Maine) said on Monday that they would not vote for the latest version.

Leaders decided the Senate won't vote before Saturday's deadline to use a fast-track procedure to keep Democrats from blocking a GOP-only bill. And so we'll see what happens, whether that can get done after this bill finally disappears. But he said in a statement later Tuesday that he's ready to work with the health panel's top Democrat, Patty Murray of Washington, and other senators on a "limited bipartisan plan" to improve the markets. "We had over 10,000 signatures of nursing home residents, stakeholders, and communities sign a petition in opposition to this terrible bill that will decimate the actual long-term care community", says Gallin. Even though most Republicans relish replacing President Barack Obama's signature achievement with something less costly and more flexible, doing so is all but impossible with wafer-thin control of one of the chambers.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the number of people with health insurance covering high-cost medical events would be slashed by millions if the latest Republican bill had become law.

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Trump said there was little room for Republican wavering on healthcare.

No vote this week on GOP health care bill