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SNES Classic Edition gets a very '90s European launch trailer

30 September 2017

The US, Australian and European editions of the SNES Classic will have the same list of games.

The good news is that 8bitdo is releasing a wireless controller for the SNES Classic Edition, which looks nearly like the native one but with a slightly grayer face. Personally, if all of the games that are available on the SNES Classic were also available on the Switch, I would have no reason to pick up the former.

If you don't yet have your SNES classic, then reports via Polygon are not going to be to your liking as retailers promise they will have SNES classics back in stock, but they have no idea when. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, too, and all the buttons you'd expect from the original SNES controller - available in both a Super NES colorway, and a Super Famicom look with its more colorful buttons. Each store did, however, pass out tickets at open, so if you weren't there at 8am it's pretty much up in the air if you can walk in and find one.

Manchester United v Crystal Palace
In the wake of Benteke's injury, Palace have been linked with moves for free agent strikers Rickie Lambert and Carlton Cole. The Red Devils also played midweek in Russian Federation , a talking point for both managers on Friday (see below).

GameStop: In an email earlier this week, a GameStop representative told us that their stores will have "additional consoles for in-store, walk-in purchases".

The SNES Classic Mini launches on Friday after months after fans rushing to get pre-orders. The poster assures you you're playing with power.

Eager fans lined up at stores with midnight release dates, now the race is on for the Thursday launch. And best of all: no crappy bundles this time.

De Anza college supports undocumented students after Trump ends DACA
He also announced a six month delay in the phasing out of DACA to allow time for Congress to pass a legislative solution. Almost a month has passed since the Trump administration started a six-month countdown on ending the DACA program.

Toys "R" Us says they will have a limited number of consoles. To find a SNES Classic in stock for the regular $79.99 price online get an online inventory tracker.

The Walmart in south Windsor was sold out in less than an hour, they also went quickly elsewhere.

The much-anticipated follow-up to last year's NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic Edition (or Mini for those in Europe and Australia), is almost here.

Catalan independence referendum: Police occupy voting stations and Barcelona communication hub
Sounds familiar? That night, separatists promised to hold an independence referendum and proclaim the independence if they won it. Tebas recently said that Barcelona would be in a Catalan division that "wouldn't be much better than the Dutch league".

SNES Classic Edition gets a very '90s European launch trailer