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Shaken, Not Broken: Pictures of Mexico After the Quake

01 October 2017

The search for survivors of central Mexico's 7.1 magnitude quake continued Thursday afternoon as rescue workers sifted through rubble in Mexico City and Puebla.

The Mexican community in Winnipeg is anxious for family and friends back home after a devastating quake that rocked Mexico's capital Tuesday, killing more than 200 people, including children. The epicenter was southeast of Mexico City, about 70 miles away - 100 miles by road.

Tuesday's quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of a devastating 1985 temblor that killed thousands in Mexico City.

One of the most desperate rescue efforts took place at a primary and secondary school in southern Mexico City, where a wing of the three-storey building collapsed.

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A group of parents waiting outside the Enrique Rebsamen School in Mexico City claimed at least two families had been sent messages by their daughters trapped inside the rubble.

US President Donald Trump has spoken by phone with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto as Mexico recovers from a powerful quake that hit the country on Tuesday.

In a video address to the country late on Tuesday, the president said many residents would need help but the first priority would be to rescue any victims trapped under the debris and provide medical care to those injured.

The toll from Tuesday's powerful 7.1-magnitude natural disaster in Mexico has climbed to 273, officials said.

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Several other children have been rescued from the collapsed building, but at least 21 students and four teachers are confirmed dead.

A rescue worker motions for everybody to be quiet in Mexico City.

Reinforcements also began to arrive from countries including Panama, Israel and Chile, local media reported.

Mr Puente acknowledged that diggers and bulldozers were starting to clear away some wrecked buildings where no one had been detected or where teetering piles of rubble threatened to collapse on neighbouring structures. A handwritten sign across the street listed 14 people as said to have died there.

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Shaken, Not Broken: Pictures of Mexico After the Quake