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Ryan Gosling is once more bad at keeping a straight face

02 October 2017

In the premiere of its latest season, SNL saw Ryan Gosling take on the hosting duties for the second time, and presumably, they knew if it was anything like the last time, they'd be onto a victor.

Check out their skit above! "Because you didn't save jazz... we saved jazz". "At this rate, we're only a few years away from Freddy vs Healthcare...which really scares me because we all know who dies first in those movies".

Kenan Thompson interrupts at one point to try and make it seem like Gosling is a little off base, but he's soon sent back off camera and the lesson can continue.

Saints will both kneel and stand while in London
He didn't practice Wednesday, but barring something spectacular happening, I still see him suiting up for Sunday's game. With their defense forcing five turnovers, all from Cam Newton, Drew Brees didn't have to do a lot passing the ball.

The Blade Runner 2049 star made sure the season started off with a bang-or a jazz number.

But honestly, the best part is when Emma Stone revealed that Ryan Gosling didn't save jazz. "Or, as it's correctly pronounced: Nerlins", Gosling said, struggling not to laugh. Gosling may be a former Mouseketeer-turned-huge Hollywood superstar but Kate McKinnon's power is not to be underestimated.

In "Another Close Encounter", two NSA agents (Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day) interview the only three known survivors of a double alien abduction: McKinnon, Gosling, and Cecily Strong.

Tax reform or tax cuts?
Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the association, said Trump is a leader "who has made manufacturing the engine of our country". The plan will provide "the lowest top marginal income tax rate for small and medium-sized businesses in more than 80 years".

Beginning his second-ever monologue for the comedy show, the RL Sebastian broke into a long-running joke about the about how the film effectively allowed him to "save jazz". Even if you don't know what Papyrus is or haven't seen Avatar, you've been in Ryan Gosling's shoes. Kate McKinnon also returns in this sketch as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In addition to working together on La La Land, Gosling and Stone have been costars in Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad, making them quite the on-screen duo.

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
The Broncos' offense didn't have many answers for the Buffalo Bills , with Trevor Siemian throwing two picks in a 26-16 loss. In the NFL's toughest division, even these early games could define playoff positions, and both teams will come out swinging.

Ryan Gosling is once more bad at keeping a straight face