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Las Vegas carnage prompts new calls for gun control in US

04 October 2017

No one would question the wisdom of these rules despite the fact that, to my knowledge, no one has used fireworks or cigarettes or the lead paint to try to kill scores of people at a concert. Is it possible for someone to do the same thing in the UK?

Another proposal would let felons and people with domestic abuse restraining orders against them have older guns. Nearly every adult can own or carry one.

"Hey, they're shooting right at us guys everybody stay down, stay down".

David Famiglietti of the New Frontier Armory told the BBC that Paddock had purchased firearms at his store in North Las Vegas in the spring of this year, meeting all state and federal requirements, including an FBI background check.

In some states, the rules are less strict than in others.

The rules are very different in the UK.

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But none of the other proposals watering down our already weak gun laws should be moving forward, either.

The first ever Indian-American woman elected to the House of Representatives said 87% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members support those common sense solutions like criminal background checks.

A person has to have a very good reason to have one - and the police have to agree with it.

The worst mass shooting in USA history prompted investors to buy shares in American Outdoor Brands, owner of Smith & Wesson firearms and Gemtech silencers, as well as Sturm, Ruger & co.

"Laws do work", the Democratic senator said.

"We can't stop the shootings that have already happened in Las Vegas, Chicago, Roseburg, Oregon, and across the nation". Police say he fired on and off for between nine and 11 minutes - had bump fire stocks, legal devices that enable semi-automatic guns to fire continuously as fully automatic. The president says those details will be announced at "an appropriate time".

Why do we allow politicians to shush us on the gun debate?
When it did, NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre blamed violence in video games and suggested more guns would prevent such events. Sanders said "what we don't want to do is try to create laws that won't stop these types of things from happening".

"Thoughts and prayers need to be matched by action", Murphy said later on the Senate floor. They were not passed into law this session, but will most likely be brought up again when the next session starts in January.

The National Rifle Association - the strongest gun lobbyists in America - threaten all-out war against any politician who preaches gun control.

Asked on Tuesday whether it was time to debate gun control measures, Trump said: "Perhaps that will come".

"On top of the enormous political pressure, the visuals Trump will see, hundreds of severely injured young people, could provoke him to act", this source said.

"I've never seen this for sale".

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Las Vegas carnage prompts new calls for gun control in US