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Las Vegas shooting leaves GOP-backed gun bills in limbo

04 October 2017

Ryan also spoke out against the "horror" of the shooting but stressed that "we cannot let the actions of a single person define us as a country".

"With each new tragedy that occurs, those who stand in the way of legislation to address our countrys gun violence epidemic are increasingly culpable for its continuation", he said.

Since then, Republicans have won control of the Senate, expanded their House majority, and won the White House - a political reality that has bolstered the GOP argument that tougher gun laws are not a solution to the nation's familiar problem of mass shootings, as well as efforts to ease gun restrictions.

The early analysis is that Shepherd's hunch is probably right.

Many Democrats have adopted a tone of defeatism about gun control. "A lot of gun owners and a lot of collectors like to have a fully automatic machine gun in their collection".

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Asked about what Congress can do to prevent shootings in the wake of Las Vegas, the speaker focused on mental health. President Donald Trump, who touted his endorsement from the National Rifle Association during the presidential campaign, did not mention guns or gun control in his statement after the Las Vegas shooting - a clear departure from Obama's responses.

No enhanced background-check regime, no matter how vigorous, would have stopped him from purchasing guns.

But any celebration was short lived. A Republican-led House committee last month backed the silencer bill by Rep. Jeff Duncan of SC, who said it would help hunters protect their hearing. Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was a victim of gun violence herself, had a call to action. They work as casino card dealers and have two children, ages 3 and 12. It's also relatively easy to obtain a concealed carry permit and there are no restrictions on semi-automatic weapons or large-capacity magazines.

"This event in Las Vegas could result in increased demand near-term for firearms as people are concerned about personal safety", Dionisio said.

Last week, he said, Republicans planned to vote on a bill that would loosen gun laws, instead of strengthening them.

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Voters in the Las Vegas area were largely credited with tipping last year's background check law into the yes column. He was a member of the House in 2012, and the Sandy Hook massacre took place in his district at the time.

The retired NASA astronaut blamed the "polarization of our politics" and the powerful corporate lobby for preventing consensus on gun regulations in Congress.

Nevadans a year ago voted in a rare meaningful gun control law, mandating background checks for all firearms purchases.

The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world and high rates of gun violence - far outstripping other developed countries with high gun ownership rates, like Switzerland. There were also 23 guns stockpiled there.

So if you think we actually need more guns, not less, and criticize any attempt to make this country safer as some sort of tyrannical assault on your second Second Amendment rights, not only are you wrong, but you probably spend too much time listening to the nonsense spewed by NRA-funded politicians.

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This marks one of the first mass shootings in America for the month of October, and one of the deadliest since the Wounded Knee massacre. State Treasurer John Chiang, a candidate for governor in next year's election, told a Capital Public Radio reporter that he didn't want to "politicize" the tragedy, even though he supported stronger national gun laws.

Las Vegas shooting leaves GOP-backed gun bills in limbo