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Senate panel holds first hearing to explore fix for DACA

05 October 2017

John Kennedy (R-La.), Michael Dougherty, the Assistant Secretary of Border Immigration and Trade Policy, laid out what the administration would like congress to do for DACA recipients. Trump, a Republican, is expected to announce on Tuesday that he's going to end the program with a six-month delay.

The deadline applies to roughly 154,200 recipients whose benefits are set to expire prior to March 5, 2018. Those whose DACA expires March 6 or later will only be permitted to finish out the term of their current authorization.

Local nonprofits, politicians and other agencies doubled up on funding, legal resources and workshops to assist Dreamers, as the young immigrants are known, with their applications.

The move allows them to avoid deportation for up to two more years, but unless Congress passes a permanent law to protect them, those enrolled must plan for an uncertain future.

We remind Duke that in a September 5 memo, she promised all cases will be "adjudicated on an individual basis", which we take to mean that renewals will be seriously considered for the merit of the applicant and the skill-set they offer, as well as their educational goals and achievements, and if they have committed no crimes.

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Garcia, a 32-year-old Joliet resident, said he was born in Mexico and came to the USA with his parents when he was 2 years old.

"I am so proud of her", Feinstein said.

When the news broke, I couldn't help but think of my friend and DACA recipient, Juan Trujillo, a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. "I feel really, like not a stressed as I used too".

In early September, the Trump administration announced it would phase out the program, leaving almost 800,000 immigrants, also known as DREAMers, uncertain about their future. They will revert to a fully undocumented status, rather than the temporary, partial relief afforded under DACA.

Barrientos said once she got the notice, she filled out paperwork to renew her status. Those in the program must renew their registration every two years.

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But Republicans at Monday night's dinner said the president denied any such deal and made clear he was focused narrowly on a solution for DACA recipients.

"DACA recipients are young people who contribute so much to the City of Phoenix through their work, entrepreneurial ventures, and artistic expression". The trio agreed to work on coupling protection of "dreamers" with legislation to bolster U.S. -Mexico border security, but not include the construction of more border wall.

After his meeting with the Democrats, Trump said, "We're not looking at citizenship" for the Dreamers. It also outlined the further steps to phase out DACA.

"We've seen the quality of people that they are, and we just felt that it's hard to put this burden on them", said Peterson.

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Senate panel holds first hearing to explore fix for DACA