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A Closer Look at the NRA's Cleverly Worded Statement on Bump Stocks

06 October 2017

Police believe the Las Vegas gunman used a "bump stock" to turn a concert into carnage.

Stephen Paddock, 64, used the "bump stocks" when he fired into a crowd of thousands from his 32nd-floor room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel overlooking the Vegas Strip where the festival was taking place. "The kind of weapon that really should be reserved for combat, for war, for our trained men and women in the military who know how to use these guns".

It's obvious that the gunfire is automatic fire, retired ATF special agent Sam Rabadi told CNN's "New Day" after anchor Alisyn Camerota played a short video of the shooting.

She pleaded, "Mr. and Mrs. America, you have to stand up, you have to say enough is enough".

Bump stocks were initially meant to assist people with restricted hand mobility fire a semi-automatic weapon without pulling the trigger each time a bullet is fired. Last year, Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson asked the Legislature to require anyone who owns, buys or sells certain semi-automatic rifles commonly known as "assault weapons" to obtain a yearly license, be at least 21 and wait three days for a background check similar to one for a handgun.

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The measure, called the Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act, was introduced Wednesday by Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein and a number of other Democrats and has since gained the support of several Republicans in Congress. The legal devices have been on sale for more than a decade.

Traditionally, semiautomatic and automatic weapons are supposed to function very differently. Paddock engaged in enough planning to obtain weapons that sounded like fully automatic rifles - what some people would call a submachine gun.

The right-wing media and President Donald Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway had criticized Obama earlier in the day on CNN for supposedly being lax on bump stocks.

As the gunshots rained down, many perceived the sounds they heard to be automatic machine-gun fire.

The right for United States citizens to bear arms is enshrined in the Constitution, but there have been various attempts to regulate gun sales.

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The Florida Republican said his proposal would be a straight ban on bump stocks: "no one can have them, no one can make them, no one can transfer them".

Tell us: What do you think can be done about gun control the U.S.? "There should also be agreement that accessories that allow weapons to mimic automatics should be illegal", Feinstein said.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2010 ruled that the bump stock is a "firearm part" that didn't violate federal law.

Snyder said authorities are still determining which firearms were used in the shooting.

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A Closer Look at the NRA's Cleverly Worded Statement on Bump Stocks