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NYT Columnist Calls for Repealing Second Amendment

06 October 2017

A lone gunman, firing automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, killed 58 persons and wounded almost 530 others who were gathered, like fish in a barrel, for an outdoor concert.

"The constitution shall never be construed.to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms". However, no one can rationally equate the protection the 2nd Amendment provides for personal safety, with the irrational "right" to own semi-automatic rifles that can be converted into military-style assault weapons created to mow down hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Americans who claim to be outraged by gun crimes should want to do something more than tinker at the margins of a legal regime that most of the developed world rightly considers nuts. Here are ways to do just that.

Moore wasn't done there, calling for a universal licensing requirement for gun ownership, more funding for mental health care, and an end to gun violence research restrictions at the Centers for Disease Control. "We are now cooperating with the ongoing investigation by local and federal law enforcement in any way we can", Sullivan said.

Thirty one states allow the open carrying of a handgun without any license or permit, although in some cases the gun must be unloaded. But its a step in the right direction. The policies failed to pass in Congress.

They call for "universal background checks" even though this man passed his.

Sonos bringing AirPlay 2 support to its speakers next year
Both speakers can be paired with something like an Echo Dot to allow you to control your music playback using your voice. Of course, like with other Sonos speakers, you will be able to pair the Sonos One with other Sonos Ones in stereo mode.

According to the U.S. Are exhausted travelers likely to celebrate the Second Amendment as they wait in never-ending security lines to get to their hotel rooms and a restorative shower?

The day guns became synonymous with freedom was the day America became a nation obsessed with protecting that "freedom" by any means necessary.

A police tactic called "Operation Ceasefire", implemented in 1990s Boston saw a group of law enforcement, social service, and community members come together to target gang violence.

Each time I hear of another incident of gun violence in a long and tragic chain, I think back to the very first thing that caught my eye as I entered the grounds of the Ames, Iowa Republican Party Presidential Straw Poll in the summer of 2011.

As a result, too many gun control efforts can be dismissed as liberal elites lecturing Middle America about the moral and macho failures of the gun culture.

New Gerrymandering Suit Challenges PA Maps In Federal Court
The secret to advocacy before the contemporary Supreme Court is no secret: it's all about pandering to Justice Anthony Kennedy . The Supreme Court is taking up a case about political maps in Wisconsin that could affect elections across the country.

Unless you're a certifiable gun collector, shouldn't that wave a red flag that just might warrant an occasional knock on the door from the feds?

Setting aside the population scale, Stephens might not know that one of the reasons the Federalists, including Madison, opposed the Second Amendment was that they believed concerns over protections from federal government were overblown because there were so many guns in private hands that it was unimaginable any tyrannical army could ever be more powerful than the general public.

We could go ahead and ban the AK and AR rifles, whose appearance earn them the assault weapon label.

People who steal political signs or shout down political speakers or make it impossible for political speakers to reach their podiums can be charged with theft or disorderly conduct or other things, depending on the circumstances.

However, the next-largest set of gun deaths - 1 in 5 - were young men aged 15 to 34, killed in homicides. This is considerably more restrictive than the current law in Canada which, for instance, does allow gun owners to keep their guns at home and does not require fingerprint technology.

A Closer Look at the NRA's Cleverly Worded Statement on Bump Stocks
As the gunshots rained down, many perceived the sounds they heard to be automatic machine-gun fire. Traditionally, semiautomatic and automatic weapons are supposed to function very differently.

Firearms control in the United Kingdom is among the toughest in the world after Thomas Hamilton unloaded his legally held arsenal of handguns on Dunblane primary school killing 16 children and their teacher. Though we can often do something to detect the latter, the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not have stopped "Mohammad Paddock", in the same way they didn't stop Syed Rizwan Farook or Tashfeen Malik or Nidal Hasan or Omar Mateen. A study showed that increased gun regulations between 1995 to 2004 coincided with a significant reduction of suicide rates among men.

NYT Columnist Calls for Repealing Second Amendment