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Sydney Opera House Hosts Australian Premiere of Stranger Things Season Two

06 October 2017

Of the many sequels and continuations coming to cinemas and televisions this holiday season, few are more hyped than Netflix's Stranger Things. The show's spooky second season debuts October 27, just in time for Halloween. Lucas for example will be equipped with his Wrist-Rocket slingshot, while Nancy will have different kinds of baseball bats at her disposal. Developer BonusXP says each character has their own unique abilities. Apparently, collecting enough Gnomes and Eggo Waffles will allow the player to unlock something (or some things). Even the difficulty level is a blast from the past; when you fire up the Stranger Things mobile game, you can play in "Classic Mode", which is described as "1984 hard". So, to gear up for arrival of season two on October 27, they've released the flawless accompaniment: a Stranger Things mobile game, available on iOS and Android for free. In addition, when Season 2 launches on October 27th, the game will be updated with new "gubbins". Generally, mobile games lure vulnerable players with a free download and immediately accost them with in-game purchases, but Stranger Things: The Game has none of that.

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The pixelated, retro-inspired side scroller puts you in the shoes of Hopper and the Stranger Things kids.

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Stranger Things: The Game is available now on iOS and Android. More than just being a popular form of binge-worthy entertainment, critics also took note of how much the series accomplished, intertwining themes of horror, sci-fi and adolescent adventure.

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You're gonna have to get in quick though. So unless you'd rather go play as a pixelated Pablo Escobar, this new game is an improvement. At the very least, it should give fans of the show something to do while they wait for season 2 to premiere at the end of the month.

Sydney Opera House Hosts Australian Premiere of Stranger Things Season Two