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Trump at dinner with military commanders cites 'calm before the storm'

06 October 2017

Over the years he has called the deal a "complete catastrophe" and "the worst deal ever", among other things. He has complained that some provisions in the agreement are not permanent, and that it failed to include restrictions on missile testing. "If the administration could put the nuclear deal in a corner, everyone could happily get back to work on dealing with everything else that is a problem with Iran".

The show, however, may be the point for Mr. Trump.

In August 2016, Iranian news outlets reported that Esfahani, who reportedly worked as part of a team working to have sanctions on Iran lifted, had been detained by authorities.

European ambassadors and diplomats have been camped out on Capitol Hill, trying to argue against any punitive actions that invite Iran to decide the United States is in non-compliance. He is also going to enlist the support of Congress in this matter. And that's where uncertainty begins, because, with his statement, Trump is not denouncing agreement. What's more, it sends a signal to the world that agreements with America aren't worth much. If Congress does not act in that time, the sanctions against Iran would be resumed.

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Trump seeks to provoke Iran to do a strategic mistake in order to leave the JCPOA, which will give a good pretext to the United States president to materialize his objectives.

Assuming he concludes that Iran is not complying with the agreement, he can take the formal step of decertifying Iran.

Trump also is expected to soon announce his decision on whether to "decertify" the Iran nuclear accord in the coming days, which would prompt a congressional review period on the accord.

The expected move to decertify would not itself destroy the deal because the concept of certification is only a requirement of USA law.

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No - or at least not necessarily. This means Iran might simply restart its nuclear program, with much less pressure of worldwide sanctions than existed before 2015.

In any event, both the Post and Politico reports suggest that the administration won't actually push Congress to reimpose the sanctions that are supposedly vital to USA national security interests. And the only thing now stopping Iran is the very accord that Trump wants to cancel.

While Trump said last month that he's made his decision - and much of the focus in recent days has been on whether he will certify Iranian compliance - administration officials say no final decision has been made.

A number of global leaders also called on the president to keep the agreement.

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Why can't the agreement be renegotiated?

Trump at dinner with military commanders cites 'calm before the storm'