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Bronx Columbus Day Parade marches with mayor not invited

09 October 2017

Another message said "And Still I Rise".

Columbus XX said Columbus did "something incredible" by reaching the Bahamas on board three small ships.

They're told that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, leading to colonies on this side of the pond.

At least 16 states, including Alaska, Hawaii and OR, don't recognize Columbus Day as a public holiday.

Christopher Columbus's journal entry about the indigenous people he encountered on October 11, 1492 - the day he stumbled upon present-day Haiti - reads like an elegant preface to genocide.

In September, a New York City-based radical anarchist group known as "Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement" called on Antifa groups nationwide to participate in "Deface Columbus Day", where anarchists plan to "decorate" their local neighborhoods.

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Most people who grew up and went to school in the United States remember the brief history lesson from their teachers on how America was discovered.

Columbus Day is set to be celebratedon Monday, and many leftists see the holiday as offensive. It joined cities including San Francisco, Seattle and Denver.

What do Greater Lowell Italians think about this push across the country? "And we're entitled to do that just as they are entitled to celebrate who they are".

Also included is the Italian Festival, where volunteers from the Sons of Italy and Saint Mary's Church will prepare authentic Italian cuisine. "And to take the identity of Italian Americans away is ridiculous", he said.

One or two NYPD police officers will work eight-hour shifts to keep watch over the monument in Columbus Circle, the New York Post reported. On the statue's pedestal, they sprayed several other messages, including: "All colonies are burning"; "Muerte al estado"; "f-- Columbus; and an anarchy symbol, according to prosecutors and court documents".

The Columbus Day holiday has become an increasingly controversial topic, with some Native American descendants arguing the holiday commemorates the genocide of indigenous Americans.

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Advocates successfully pushed for the change in Cambridge, and has introduced resolutions in Boston, Brookline and other communities. The Los Angeles council member who authored the bill to replace Columbus Day is himself a member of the Wyandotte Nation; when he took office four years ago, he was sworn in by his tribe's chief.

"Indigenous People's Day represents a much more honest and fair representation of American values", he said. Well, they didn't have all the information.

Politicians came to the defense of a statue of Christopher Columbus and his eponymous holiday at a parade in the Bronx on Sunday.

While honoring "the skilled navigator and man of faith, whose courageous feat brought together continents", in his first Columbus Day proclamation, President Donald Trump made no mention of Native Americans.

Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian who sailed for France, was actually the first European explorer to make it to the mainland.

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Bronx Columbus Day Parade marches with mayor not invited