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Donald Trump tries to pronounce 'Puerto Rico' as he honors Hispanic Americans

09 October 2017

President Donald Trump says "only one thing will work" in dealing with North Korea after previous administrations talked to Pyongyang without results.

The President added that for 25 years of negotiations extended to North Korea and the huge amount of money shed out, nothing had worked out.

In Trump's depiction of his business negotiating style, he has hailed the value of coming on tough to soften up a rival.But one problem of this approach in foreign policy is that Trump's zigzagging left the USA government's middlemen in the uncomfortable position of appearing to have misled senior North Korean and Iranian officials regarding what US intentions were. "Sorry, but only one thing will work!".

Trump's repeated threat of action and choice of words suggesting destruction put him at odds with his secretary of state Rex Tillerson and defence secretary James Mattis, who have both publically pressed for a diplomatic solution.

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At least 21 USA embassy staff have fallen ill over the past few months as a result of what Tillerson said were attacks of an unknown nature.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump once again has taken to the social media his provocations to North Korea.

"What's the storm?" a reporter called out, as the officials and their spouses continued to pose, their faces frozen in toothy smiles, even as many of their eyes began to dart around the room. But Trump batted away their questions, saying only, "You'll find out". For instance, could he be trying to vaguely bluff about a willingness to use force, signaling his unpredictability, perhaps with North Korea as the intended audience?

Trump was asked what he meant Friday during a gathering of manufacturers at the White House.

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Earlier in the evening, Mr Trump has said they would be discussing the most pressing military issues facing the country, including tensions with North Korea and Iran. Others put less stock into "the storm", and choose to believe it's just the U.S. president cutting a promo as if he were back at Wrestlemania 23 and on the verge of shaving cabinet member Linda MacMahon's husband. I read the transcript carefully, and have to say that whoever wrote it for him did a very good job, it matches the President's unusual style.

With fanatical dictators like those in control of North Korea and Iran, we can not rely on containment and deterrence as acceptable policies to prevent them from using nuclear weapons, as we have done for years with the Soviet Union (and now Russia) and China.

In his speech, the president of the United States used an exaggerated Spanish accent to pronounce "Puerto Rico".

Meanwhile, several White House aides told the New York Times that they had no idea what Trump was referring to Thursday night. It wants nothing beyond a peace treaty, but US refuses to sign it even though the war ended 64 years ago.

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"The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos to Middle East", Trump said, noting that Iran will not allow possession of nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump tries to pronounce 'Puerto Rico' as he honors Hispanic Americans