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Microsoft Finally Reveals the Hard Truth: Windows Phone Is Dead

09 October 2017

And now, in a recent array of tweets, Joe Belfiore, the man behind Windows Mobile has confirmed that they have failed to generate any interest from both consumers and developers to keep the platform alive.

Belfiore continued, saying one of the chief problems for Microsoft's mobile operating system was the lack of apps compared to iOS and Android.

Finally, if you thought that Microsoft didn't try hard enough to get developers on board with Windows 10 Mobile, that turns out not to be the case.

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So, Windows Phone users, what are you thoughts on this?

As VentureBeat reported, Microsoft laid off nearly 2,000 employees in 2016, which mostly affected its mobile hardware division in Finland.

Microsoft's mobile hardware dream is over. Microsoft has always felt the heat from the two massively popular mobile operating systems and the results are here to be seen.

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For Microsoft, smartphone operating system hasn't been their cup of tea.

The news isn't surprising since even Bill Gates gave up his Windows Phone for an Android. Back then, major smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, and even Samsung manufactured Windows Phone devices. After the the uber-flop of Windows Phone, it was hoped that Windows 10 Mobile would bring about a change in fortune. To make it as clear as day it means: Windows phones are done with. Windows Phone handsets reportedly didn't exceed sales of the Windows Mobile devices left on the market, despite the HTC-made range of handsets reviewing well.

Microsoft in its earnings report for Q4 2016 revealed its revenue from the phone division had slumped by 81% compared to the same quarter previous year. According to analytics group NetMarketShare, Windows Phones account for just 0.87 percent of the total market, while iOS boasts 32.24 percent and Android leads with 65.53 percent. Presently, Microsoft has turned its portable thoughtfulness regarding iOS and Android totally. However, the tech challengers are Day by Day updating the new Technology with Windows sticking with lowest Software price for the Gadgets is only the reason they still moving through the other end.

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