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Bengaluru firm institutes mental health leave for employees

10 October 2017

Supporting Families in Mental Illness manager Christine Zander-Campbell said mental illness could be a long, tough journey for some. Those surveyed said they felt more comfortable talking about other issues, such as race, age, physical health and religious belief.

Lee said at present, the committees mainly focused on the safety aspects of the workplace, such as hazards and risks.

The professor said mental health has never been the priority of the government.

"The issues can be about anxiety, schizophrenia, or depression". In recent days, with a few of the celebrities opening-up about their fight against depression, how they battled it and continue to move ahead, it is becoming more acceptable for people to talk about feeling stressed and depressed. There must not be any discrimination.

'Public attitudes are changing - but would you know what to do if a work colleague had depression or you came across someone potentially about to kill themselves? Bring it up at the health and safety committee.

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I slowly got better.

U.S. startups have been quicker than their United Kingdom counterparts to acknowledge the importance of mental health at work.

"Employees in Kashmir work under stress".

Mental health in the workplace is the theme for this year's World Mental Health Day, observed each year on October 10. Despite improvements, there can still be a stigma around mental health issues.

Another employer taking effective action in the sector is Skanska, which has multiple structures in place to address the problem from the top down. "Already our general health system in the country is not the best, but I can assure if you go out and look at the state of the mental health in Ghana, it is in a deplorable state, if you ask me." he stated.

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The session at Open in Norwich also gave attendees the chance to discuss their experiences with mental health - whether in their industry or with their own staff.

The Director of UWA's Centre for Transformative Work Design, Professor Sharon Parker, believes that; "poorly designed work can take a heavy toll on workers' mental health, whereas when work is well-designed, employees will not only be healthier but more productive as well".

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day, and it also marks the start of YoungMinds' takeover of the Kerrang! site for a month of mental health-related content created to raise awareness and spark discussion around the subject. The stress levels, however, vary from workplace to workplace.

On a related matter, Lee welcomed the proposal by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for an index to evaluate the psychological well-being of Malaysians.

Mental health is not shameful.

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"One might argue that the more a company holds itself publicly accountable for the wellbeing of its employees, the more they invest in it", the report said. This is important because if someone is struggling to manage their income, they are likely to not only experience stress and anxiety but also sleep loss, causing them to want to eat unhealthily because they feel exhausted.

Bengaluru firm institutes mental health leave for employees