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Prospective iPhone X buyers may be waiting until 2018 for the device

10 October 2017

Using so-called TrueDepth camera the iPhone X detects your facial features in three dimensions.

Last week we predicted that Apple probably will not implement many iPhone X features to the iPad in 2018.

For starters, if Apple truly believes that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, then transitioning away from fingerprint recognition to 3D facial recognition could represent an improvement in biometric security.

The Apple iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone to feature an edge-to-edge display, which is being called the Super Retina Display.

Bronx Columbus Day Parade marches with mayor not invited
Politicians came to the defense of a statue of Christopher Columbus and his eponymous holiday at a parade in the Bronx on Sunday. Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian who sailed for France, was actually the first European explorer to make it to the mainland.

Android OEMs like Samsung, LG, and Huawei have for long sought to follow in Apple's footsteps, often mimicking technologies that try to compete and even out-innovate Apple, but always seem to fall disappointingly short of what Cupertino's team brings to the table each year. Developers will also be able to create apps that utilise Face ID. In a note obtained by MacRumors, Kuo relays that the vaunted iPhone "supercycle" won't happen in 2017 as it will take Apple some time to really ramp up production to meet what will likely be staggering demand.

Apple has started to investigate a series of reports about battery problems with some of its new iPhone 8 Plus phones.

But the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X disappointed shareholders, with lukewarm reviews and battery issues putting a dampener on the phones. Second, it remains to be seen if the allure of an edgeless iPhone can offset any potential quirks that come along with Face ID and the iPhone X's somewhat controversial notch design.

All this sounds very sci-fi, and it's not clear how well the technology works because the phone isn't out yet, but according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Android manufacturers have already made shifts towards the face detection technology.

Nate moves out this evening, but more rain falls soon
Syracuse- Central New York will have a week of unsettled weather, starting off with the remains of Hurricane Nate Monday morning. Temperatures will stay relatively steady, in the mid 60s in the morning only making it to the low 70s in the afternoon.

You can't even order an iPhone X until October 27 and already many are complaining about the handset's controversial notch at the top of the device.

Apple iPhone X will be available globally on November 3. "At a starting price of $999 for the 64GB version (vs. $699 for iPhone 8, $799 for iPhone 8 Plus), we expect this will drive a healthy uptick in iPhone ASPs and have a favorable impact on margins".

On the tablet side, Kuo predicts the 2018 iPad Pro will come equipped with the camera.

Google Pixel 2 Arrives with Top-Rated Camera, New Smart Features
All these hardware and software capabilities were reflected in Google last year's launch of Pixel smartphone. The search bar will show the results after a bit of search on the Internet, and show the results as cards.

Prospective iPhone X buyers may be waiting until 2018 for the device