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Trump Administration to Nix Obama's Clean Power Plan

10 October 2017

The Trump administration has confirmed plans to repeal an Obama administration rule to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the cap on carbon emissions from power plants set to go now.

A written from Rutledge, released by her office said, "The EPA, under new leadership, is putting common-sense, the environment and the American family ahead of a political agenda with the announced rollback of the so-called Clean Power Plan".

"The repeal of the Clean Power Plan means that this costly directive, which was particularly discriminatory against Pennsylvania as one of the top producers of affordable baseload generation, will no longer threaten our economy, the jobs of over 30,000 hard working men and women, and grid reliability and resiliency", Executive Director Rachel Gleason said Monday.

"That rule really was about picking winners and losers", the EPA administrator said, adding that the rule change would be signed on Tuesday. This would ensure continued affordable, reliable power in the USA and aid the proliferation of smarter, cleaner plants overseas.

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Arkansas government leaders have opposed the Clean Power Plan, joining a lawsuit over it.

White House solar panels installation. Now, each state had its own target.

Environmental groups and state lawmakers have been waiting for this moment since Pruitt was nominated to head the EPA, and they plan to mount a furious legal challenge that will likely mean months, if not years, of litigation.

For certain, it's a major step in the Trump administration's efforts to dismantle another central piece of former President Barack Obama's legacy: the battle to limit climate change.

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"Fuel-burning power plants are one of our nation's largest sources of climate change pollution, and common-sense science - and the law - dictate that EPA take action to cut these emissions", he said. But coal power has been on the wane, with more than 200 plants closing as renewables gain market share. "He put America first and said to the rest of the world, 'we're going to say no and exit the Paris accord.' That was the right thing to do", Pruitt said.

What President Obama overlooked in launching the CPP is that market-based incentives can provide some of the same Carbon dioxide reductions without threatening baseload power capacity. Besides the switch to natural gas, this decline in coal mining employment is due mostly to improvements in technology that enable fewer miners to extract more coal. The CPP "established reasonable and achievable standards to reduce our carbon emissions and create thousands of new clean energy jobs in the process", Heinrich said. Almost 200 countries have committed to reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Thankfully, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is announcing a repeal of the CPP today, and will be seeking comments from the energy industry on a potential replacement rule.

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Trump Administration to Nix Obama's Clean Power Plan