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No free pass for MA pot businesses from feds

12 January 2018

Lelling said Monday he "cannot provide assurances that certain categories of participants in the state-level marijuana trade will be immune from federal prosecution" after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved to rescind an Obama-era policy that called for non-interference with state-level legal marijuana operations. Well, maybe. The decisions still will be up to federal prosecutors "who know where and how to deploy Justice Department resources most effectively", according to the Justice Department announcement. It apparently took an October 2015 district court ruling to convince the Justice Department that constraint didn't apply exclusively to state officials.

The two men met Wednesday, and neither has budged, Gardner tells NPR.

"My concern is that there is a lack of transparency when it comes to priorities at the Department of Justice, how those will be carried out, and that we now have...50-plus USA attorneys...who are going to be making decisions that may be at odds with other states", Gardner told Denver7 Wednesday.

Local church provides Thanksgiving baskets to the community
One church in New Rochelle gave back to the community Thursday by serving a free Thanksgiving dinner. This year, a sit-down meal was provided at the First Baptist Church on Albany Ave.

No progress was made in a meeting between Senator Cory Gardner and Attorney General Jeff Sessions over legal marijuana policy.

If you care about state rights, you should care about this issue.

The challenge of pushing for marijuana reform is that each state-or in NORML's case, each individual chapter-is facing a different legislative environment. "This pot relaxes me, it takes away the pain". "I do not want Arkansas to become a recreational use state". It further articulated a position by the federal government that in states that had enacted laws authorizing marijuana-related conduct, the federal government meant to take a "hands-off" approach regarding the enforcement of such conduct, which, over the past several years, has led to very few prosecutions and a growing marijuana economy.

Grad Students Hold Rally, Phone Bank to Protest Tax Plan
UNC graduate students are holding a phone bank Wednesday night to contact elected officials, telling them not to support the plan. In exchange, the institution gives them a small stipend, often around $20,000 a year, and it also waives their tuition.

"I must proceed on a case-by-case basis, assessing each matter according to those principles and deciding whether to use limited federal resources to pursue it", Lelling said last week. And recently, the Cato Institute has stated, "Marijuana liberalizations (decriminalization, medicalization, and legalization) have generated none of the negatives asserted by Sessions; in fact, the evidence shows minimal impact on use, health, traffic safety, education, or crime".

Polis, along with three other members of Congress, launched the bipartisan Cannabis Caucus in 2017.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has been this nation's attorney general for a year now and, as 2018 gets underway, he is finally getting serious about the war on drugs. But despite Republican opposition to recreational marijuana, the party does exhibit support for one part of the debate: medical marijuana.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware is Spreading Out Fast
Several Russian media outlets including Interfax were also affected , Russian security firm Group-IB said , according to Wired . Did we patch our systems after Petya? Users are then directed to a TOR payment page and are presented with a countdown timer.

Since the executive branch has a constitutional responsibility for laws to be faithfully executed, Richardson said the administration could say "the amendment conflicts with their constitutional responsibilities". 'I'm a states person.

No free pass for MA pot businesses from feds