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Chem Tales: Reefer Sadness as Jeff Sessions Declares War on Pot

13 January 2018

Marijuana already was illegal under federal law, but Sessions' order revokes guidance by the Department of Justice under President Barack Obama that discouraged federal law enforcement in states where pot was legal.

"I urge my colleagues to support H.R. 1227, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which would decriminalize marijuana by removing it from the federal controlled substances list, treating it the same as alcohol and tobacco".

This move came to a surprise to many and some people such as Republican Senator Cory Gardner disagreed with Sessions' decision. "The federal government still has laws against it".

That Sessions took this action immediately after California legalized cannabis is no coincidence. Sessions has been on a lifelong crusade against the plant, which he considers the root of many of societys ills. Who knows whether that spike is a cause or effect of the Trump presidency.

Trump has said that he still stands with Sessions. That environment will not change because of a memo from the attorney general, Little said.

Even Matt Gaetz, the Florida representative last seen trying to get the special counsel Robert Mueller fired, said the new policy showed Sessions "desire to pursue an antiquated, disproven dogma instead of the will of the American people".

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"She is increasingly frustrated by many medical professionals" lack of understanding of medicinal cannabis.

Apart from Sessions' announcement being unpopular, it really doesn't have any teeth.

"There is still the Rohrbacher-Blumenauer amendment to the Congress' omnibus spending bill, which essentially states that the Department of Justice may not spend federal funds in prosecutions in states where cannabis has been legalized". The directive would give federal prosecutors more authority to enforce federal marijuana laws in states where cannabis has been legalized in some form.

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While many states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana use, the drug is still illegal under federal law, creating a conflict between federal and state law. This information was discovered by the University of Oxford, the American Chemical Society, the American Lung Association, the University of California in Los Angeles, American University, Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas in Dallas, the University of South Carolina, Colorado's Rocky Mountain HIDTA Report, University of Washington, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and by the federal advisory panel.

And if they do, at the moment their hands are tied, at least when it comes to medical cannabis.

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The United States Department of Justice has Hawaii's medical cannabis industry on edge.

Dana Rohrabacher of California, a Republican who considers Sessions a "longtime friend". However, precedent could be set by this situation where those growing, purchasing, selling or using recreational marijuana may face prosecution under federal law, which hasn't been the case in the past few years.

Marijuana is no longer the domain of basement grow rooms and Mom and Pop type operations: it is now an industry worth an estimated Dollars $8 billion annually, and is filling state coffers with tax revenue as well. Its investors include prominent Trump supporters like Todd Mitchem.

It's no secret that Jeff Sessions isn't a fan of marijuana and is resistant to acknowledging its medical benefits.

Emily Gant, a lawyer with Seattle firm Garvey Schubert Barer, who counsels clients in the alcohol and cannabis industries, said that in Washington state, businesses with a liquor license risk losing that license if they allow patrons to consume cannabis on their property.

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Chem Tales: Reefer Sadness as Jeff Sessions Declares War on Pot