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Iran nuclear deal set for reprieve as Trump prepares to extend waivers

13 January 2018

The new terms Trump seeks with the European countries appear similar to actions he asked Congress to take three months ago but that Congress has not acted on.

The Treasury said Larijani was "responsible for ordering, controlling, or otherwise directing, the commission of serious human rights abuses against persons in Iran or Iranian citizens or residents".

"Instead I have outlined two possible paths forward: either fix the deal's disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw", he added. These penalties largely cut Iran out of the worldwide financial system, until they were suspended by Obama under the nuclear deal.

European governments have strongly supported the Iranian nuclear deal and insisted they will abide by it whatever the Trump administration decides.

"If Iran does not comply with any of these provisions, American nuclear sanctions would automatically resume".

The plea by the European ministers came a day before President Trump has to decide whether to sign a series of waivers to keep the suspension of sanctions intact.

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The aim of the nuclear deal, negotiated under the Obama administration, has the aim of curbing Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The US still maintains separate sanctions on Iran related to matters such as terrorism, human rights and ballistic missile development, and the Treasury Department announced it would impose new, targeted sanctions against 14 Iranian entities and individuals.

However, Trump, who has previously vowed to scrap the nuclear pact, was privately expressing reluctance to heed the advisers, the officials said.

Trump did, however, warn that Friday's waiver would be the last time he was prepared to prevent Congress from putting sanctions in place, unless a significantly strengthened agreement was reached with Iran and the US' European allies within 120 days.

"Is he bluffing? I don't think so", Dubowitz tweeted. "Busy four months ahead". Yesterday, in a break from the Trump administration, top European diplomats voiced their continued support for the deal.

Diplomacy Works, a pressure group set up by former secretary of state John Kerry to defend the deal, was scathing.

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Trump has particularly bristled at having to give Iran a "thumbs up" every few months by acknowledging that it is meeting its nuclear requirements, which should allow it to invest in foreign banks, sell petroleum overseas, buy USA and European aircraft, and so forth.

Ahmad Majidyar, the director of the Iran Observed Project, said he wasn't surprised by Trump's decision.

Under the deal, Iran agreed to halt its nuclear weapons development program in exchange for the lifting of worldwide sanctions on the Islamic republic.

That major shift in USA policy put the United States at odds with its European allies, as well as Russian Federation and China that are also signatories to the nuclear accord, in the most visible transatlantic split on foreign policy since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

Last October, Trump decertified to Congress Iran's compliance with the pact, regardless of reports provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the international non-proliferation watchdog, confirming that Tehran has been in full compliance with the deal.

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Iran nuclear deal set for reprieve as Trump prepares to extend waivers