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Point Spread in Saints vs. Vikings Playoff Matchup Climbs Again 1/11/18

13 January 2018

His future is also something of an unknown; Bridgewater, Keenum and Sam Bradford are all scheduled to become free agents after the season, and as the Vikings decide which of their three QBs they'd like to keep, there's a possibility the other two would seek work elsewhere, rather than returning to a backup role. But if Keenum begins to struggle, could we see Bradford?

The Vikings are 4-3 in their last seven home playoff games but have lost two of their last three.

He's made a habit of being efficient in the passing game.

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The Saints know what they have in future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees. And if you're going to try the wild rice that Minnesota is so proud of, you should bring along some Red Beans to go with it.

"I want to destroy them just the same", Jordan said. This is Keenum's game to win or lose.

The Vikings are the superior team in this matchup. It would be the only full game that Bradford played all season. Gronkowski has caught nine touchdowns in the playoffs.

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It would reverse President Barack Obama's decision to keep the Atlantic coast off limits through at least 2022. Some of those safety rules are headed for a rollback under a separate effort by the Trump administration.

"I have no doubts the Saints will beat the Vikings this Sunday and continue their path to the Super Bowl".

"He's come to the realization like a lot of people in big situations that there are things that are really too big to do by yourself, and in order to stay grounded you've got to find somebody or something that you believe strongly in", Steve said. "You could just see that if he was given the chance to win the game, even though it didn't work out, that something was coming". The team with the elite defense tends to hold the edge in these offense vs. defense showdowns, but five points may be a hard spread to cover against a Saints offense led by one of the game's all-time great quarterbacks. And that leaves another first-team All-Pro, safety, to help against the run game, while second-team All-Pro pass-rusher helps to disrupt Brees. Newman is also dealing with a foot injury. The Saints' D-end lines up on both sides of the defensive line depending on the situation. If Keenum is injured, or starts Sunday's game incredibly poorly, the former No. 1 overall pick is the better fill-in option. Soundtracked by Tee Grizzley's "Win", the coach's lawnmower-inspired toddler moves have triggered a locally viral phenomenon, perhaps to one day be in the annals of internet dance lore alongside the "Shmoney dance" or "Running Man" challenge. "The Saints" new-look pass defense likely won't allow Keenum to do what Bradford did in Week 1, when he went 8-of-9 for 219 yards and a touchdown on throws 15 yards or more downfield.

Their last postseason game, on January 24, 2010, went into overtime with the Saints winning 31-28 in the NFC Championship Game.

Nadal and federer 'are favourites'
Elsewhere, all eyes will be on Maria Sharapova as she returns for only her second grand slam tournament since serving a drugs ban. He also had to withdraw from the ATP Qatar Open and an exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi, reports Efe.

Point Spread in Saints vs. Vikings Playoff Matchup Climbs Again 1/11/18