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Trump blasts immigration ruling, as lawmakers scramble for 'Dreamer' deal

13 January 2018

"I know we want DACA fixed, but I understand the Republican need for border security", said Cueva.

The Senate group's proposal focused on four elements that had been agreed to during a meeting Trump convened with lawmakers earlier this week at the White House.

"If Trump doesn't win in three years, they're all out of business", he told reporters.

"We can now we say with 100% confidence that the president is a racist who does not share the values enshrined in our Constitution".

The exchange came during a meeting meant to present the White House with a bipartisan compromise to help resolve the standoff over immigration.

LOU BARLETTA: We need to make sure that we're not going to have another 800,000 or million people coming into the country.

Members Of NYC's Haitian Community Call Trump's Reported Comments 'Offensive,' 'Ignorant'
The Haitian government said it is "deeply shocked and outraged" by the president's reported vulgar remark, calling it " racist ". CNN's Anderson Cooper said the words were clearly racist, but he stopped there. "Not everyone who supports Trump is a racist".

DACA was also a big issue when Congress passed a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown last month. He noted that his decision to invite the press to witness nearly an hour of a meeting with Republican and Democratic Congress members on Tuesday had provided a boost to ratings for news channels.

Trump has been calling for a merit-based immigration system, of which people from countries like India could be a major beneficiary, to reduce overall immigration to the US.

Some welcomed news for DACA recipient Giselle Gasca.

"President Trump understands this is the issue that elected him".

It also aims to end the phenomenon of so-called "chain migration", which sees U.S. citizens and Green Card holders facilitate the entry of their family members to the country.

One aide pointed out that the opponents of doing a DACA deal will always look for an excuse not to, and the supporters will always feel urgency to do it. "We said it from the very beginning: Donald Trump and this administration did not follow the rules in trying to abandon the DACA program".

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That program protects immigrants who were brought to the children from being deported.

President Donald Trump's meeting with bipartisan lawmakers on immigration Wednesday leaves Republican and Democratic leaders scrambling to agree on a plan. Trump said he would, before adding that such a bill should include "border security" as well.

"He will always reject temporary, weak and risky stopgap measures that threaten the lives of hardworking Americans, and undercut immigrants who seek a better life in the United States through a legal pathway".

The White House ripped the decision in a statement Wednesday morning, saying that it was "outrageous, especially in light of the President's successful bipartisan meeting with House and Senate members at the White House on the same day".

"I think it's a symbolic victory", said Paul Quiñonez, a volunteer with the Washington Dream Coalition.

For example, the latest version of the transcript incorrectly attributed a comment made by the President to McCarthy and omitted a sentence McCarthy said during the back and forth with Feinstein.

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Trump blasts immigration ruling, as lawmakers scramble for 'Dreamer' deal