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Trump Lashes Out At 'Sneaky Dianne Feinstein' For Releasing Transcript

13 January 2018

Early 2016, when Trump emerged as the likely presidential nominee for the Republican party, fundings for the investigation continued through the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, represented by the law firm Perkins Coie, from April 2016 to October 2016.

The interview reveals that the Steele Dossier was hardly the only evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was basing its increasingly grave concerns about Trump and the Russians over the course of 2016.

What was the testimony about?

The goal of the meeting was to ascertain Fusion GPS's role in the compilation and publication of the infamous Steele Dossier, a lengthy report authored by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele detailing allegations that the Trump campaign worked in tandem with Russian officials in an effort to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

Simpson said he concluded from his research that Trump was not as rich as he has claimed, and that he had a lot of questionable business entanglements that bear further scrutiny.

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In January 2017, Senator John McCain turned the dossier over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation despite the fact that it contained no evidence of collusion but merely unverified smears against President Trump.

Steele was concerned that Trump could be blackmailed by the Russians over an alleged 2013 sexual escapade Steele believed had been recorded at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow, Simpson testified.

Simpson said he was dubious about Steele's plan to tell the Federal Bureau of Investigation it was a national security issue. During the debriefing, Steele shared information from his Russian sources, who said Trump had been coordinating with the Russian election-interference campaign of hacking and leaking.

Mr Trump himself poured scorn on that allegation a year ago, saying he has always been on guard against hidden cameras in Moscow hotel suites.

Image copyright PA Image caption Christopher Steele now runs a company in London Who was supposedly killed?

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It is astonishing that even as the damning contents of the Fusion GPS interview are being digested, so many Republicans in Congress are insisting on digging themselves even deeper into the hole that, it can be claimed, is headed straight to hell.

Coming to his defence, his lawyer Joshua Levy said it was a "voluntary interview", and stated that he "wants to be very careful to protect his sources". Mr. Levy's request to keep the details of the interview confidential, though not promised at the time, was completely bashed when Feinstein publicized the transcript.

However, a source told CNN the attorney's remark did not refer to any specific death, but instead alluded to a string of unsolved fatalities of Russians after the 2016 election that have preoccupied conspiracy theorists. "Exactly", he replied. Continuing, he said, "it was disclosing the existence of an FBI investigation of Trump's ties to Russian Federation, which, to my recollection, was the first time that anyone reported that the FBI was looking at whether the Trump campaign had ties to the Kremlin but at the same time saying that they had investigated this and not found anything, which threw cold water on the whole question through the election".

Since BuzzFeed posted the full Trump-Russia dossier one year ago, a number of intelligence experts have opined that, in this case, Mr. Steele - a former MI-6 officer posted to Moscow from 1990 to 1993 - failed to adhere to basic intelligence analysis standards of verification.

In doing so, Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues are acting at Simpson's behest. Simpson would not answer whether payment came through an intermediary and did not agree that Fusion GPS was a Democrat-linked firm.

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Simpson, who appeared before the committee voluntarily in response to a March 24 letter from Sen. Dianne Feinstein publicly released the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson's August 2017 interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"The president's expressed desire to see more immigrants from countries like Norway must be called out for what it is: an effort to set this country back generations by promoting a homogeneous, white society", Feinstein said.

The news report comes just days after two prominent Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended to the Department of Justice that it open a probe into Steele.

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Trump Lashes Out At 'Sneaky Dianne Feinstein' For Releasing Transcript