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Meryl Streep And Tom Hanks Graced The London Screening Of The Post

14 January 2018

Whether this depiction is true or not - and the real-life Graham indeed confessed to a lack of self-confidence fostered by the sexism surrounding her - the screenwriters clearly see it as a dramatic necessity to tee up an eventual heroic climax of fearless conviction on Graham's part. Washington, not a large enough town to have a national brand name paper and of course, she's a woman. Graham reminds him of his close friendship with the Kennedys, and how that compromised Bradlee's journalistic integrity. Then the Times comes out with its first story about the damning documents. He doesn't believe in anything standing between the public and the truth. It would be nice if Trump's staffers, when they watch the movie, take the story's lessons to heart. Because the Post is behind the curve (the New York Times got the documents first), they have to play catch-up. The leaked, top-secret documents detailed the escalation of the Vietnam War and showed that the US government knew that the conflict was unwinnable.

The New York Times has the report, then is thwarted by an injunction. The film's latter half is largely given to Ben's team rushing to get the story into print without opening the paper up to prosecution, and Spielberg whisks us along in zesty fashion. She rehearses key points, she takes notes, she takes a deep breath - but she rarely gets the chance to speak. The film received six Golden Globe nominations and stands to be nominated for several Oscars later this month.

Known for her style and ability to make fashion statements, Streep complimented the outfit with a sparkling knuckle-duster clutch, also by Alexander McQueen. Bradley Whitford, a star of the television show "The West Wing", plays Arthur Parsons, a fictional character who advises Graham. It's fitting of Streep's current role in Hollywood's #MeToo moment. Seriously, I had goosebumps on my arms watching tied-up bundles of newspapers being tossed onto trucks about to bring Truth to the world. Her father had left control of the publication to her husband.

'Wheelie bins dancing down the street' - Storm Eleanor hits the UK
She and a couple of friends were in Galway city for the new year and were watching the growing swell from "the prom" at Salthill. The National Emergency Coordination Group has been meeting this morning, to discuss the national response to the storm.

She needs investors to save the business.

Steven Spielberg has made movies about dinosaurs and sharks and aliens and adventurin' archeologists and war horses and crime-predicting psychics and big friendly giants. But in recent years, the 71-year-old director has grown more contemplative, using his gifts behind the camera to tell stories about how America can be the best possible America, from the complex legislative sausage-making of Lincoln to the defense of civil liberties in Bridge of Spies. Since that time, he has thrown himself into historical dramas like Bridge of Spies and sweeping epics like War Horse and Lincoln. But "The Post" remains a timely film.

Not surprisingly, both Streep and Hanks are terrific.

Toyota and Mazda reveal Alabama project for $1.6 billion plant
It also forms part of a plan by the automotive manufacturer to invest $10 billion in the U.S. over the next five years. More details, included what tax incentives were offered, are expected when the formal announcement is made Wednesday.

Up stood Bradlee and his prestige-hungry, competitive bunch at the Post - if only their anxious, insecure and financially embattled publisher would back their play and establish her individualism and courage against everything her life up to then had preferred that she never do. Now it was up to Katharine Graham whether to risk violating the court order by publishing the papers in the Post.

To put it in terms that meant a lot more at the time, Spielberg has delivered an above-the-fold story. The film is a tribute to the people that do good work and are willing to hold the powerful accountable.

These challenges can't completely be overcome, no matter how many times they crank up the John Williams score, and so the movie sags in the middle. It's so easy to smile and go along, the movie admits, but what will it cost you in the end.

Levack's Locks For The NFL Divisional round
Roethlisberger was intercepted five times in that game and the Steelers will look to establish running back Le'Veon Bell early. On offense, it's on Steelers wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster if the Pats have a safety hovering over the top of Brown all day.

Meryl Streep And Tom Hanks Graced The London Screening Of The Post