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Donald Trump is in 'excellent health' after first Presidential health check

20 January 2018

"Let me say they're wrong".

"I run over to a building next door", Trump, 71, told Reuters.

Several Democratic representatives have said they intend to skip the president's State of the Union address later this month over the comments, accusing the president of racism.

The fast-food-loving Mr Trump praised Dr Jackson, but seemed wary of the not-so-subtle suggestion to use the White House's exercise facilities.

"I have no concerns about his cognitive ability or neurological functions", Navy Rear Adm Dr Ronny Jackson told reporters at an extraordinary press conference at the White House Tuesday after Trump's first physical examination as U.S. president.

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Ms Wieber, standing next to her teammate Ms Raisman, told a MI court she was first molested by Nasser at age 14. She was as confident and strong as she had been in the Olympic stadiums in London and Rio de Janeiro.

The White House did not deny the language, nor did the several Republicans in the meeting.

Trump tweeted, "Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting".

But Trump, whose height and weight puts him at borderline obese, said he would be willing to reduce portions of his White House meals.

Mr Trump reportedly used the term last week during a bipartisan Oval Office meeting on immigration reform. 'Must list" for migrants: "skills, English, love for US The Trump administration wants to admit immigrants who have skills, talent and can speak English, a top official has said, giving insight into the proposed merit-based system that may benefit individuals from countries like India. We've met your criteria.

Abstract thought is then tested by the doctor, who will ask to explain what a certain pair of words have in common.

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However, as the deal is negotiated, the President wants to ensure our military and national security are funded. On Friday evening, Trump also spoke by phone to House Speaker Paul Ryan , according to a source familiar.

Skepticism was raised when this statement was released because, as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow pointed out Friday, the White House misspelled Dr. Jackson's name.

Trump said prior to the exam that he'd be "surprised" if it didn't go well. The doctor will say some numbers and the patient is supposed to repeat them in the order that they hear them. They made a life, they started a business and they gave me a chance.

Trump's "sh-hole" remark has had implications in Washington and overseas.

Mr Trump's alleged comments sparked a diplomatic backlash across the globe.

"He's more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we're going to do both", Jackson said, adding that he might enlist Trump's wife, Melania, to help.

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Bill Flores, R-Bryan, predicted a higher number of Lone Star members will support the package Thursday evening. Social Security checks would be issued, and essential government programs, including Medicare, would continue.

Donald Trump is in 'excellent health' after first Presidential health check