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Couple accused of chaining up 13 children lived in North Texas

21 January 2018

They still have pictures of what it looked like: Windows were broken out and boarded up; the carpets and walls were covered in waste; there were scratches on the backs of doors, that the new owners thought might be from animals.

TWO healthy dogs have been rescued from the "House of Horrors" where 13 children were allegedly starved and tortured by their own parents. The children would reportedly march in single-file for hours, according to ABC News. Medical experts said they expect that the children will require long-term psychological support in their recovery. "Because they're so small, it's clear that they are malnourished". Earlier this week, the group was also collecting donations of clothing and hygiene items, but officials say those needs have now been met, thanks to the outpouring of support from the community.

If David and Louise Turpin are convicted on all charges, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. The children were only fed one rationed meal per day. These charges date to 2010, when the couple moved from Texas to California.

The sister of the California woman accused of says her brother-in-law used to make her feel "uncomfortable" when she lived with the couple briefly during college. She said that she was "shocked" and didn't see "any type of abuse" of their children.

Three boys, their dark hair in bowl cuts like David Turpin, are dressed in suits with red ties.

"If I went to get in the shower, [David Allen Turpin] would come in there while I was in there and watch me", Flores, 41, said. "He never touched me or anything", she said. I had no family.

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"I lost my kids for a little while because of this". So I had rules.

"Many things I have gone though as a child have caused deep suffering ..."

In the image, Louise Turpin is wearing a Mickey Mouse maternity shirt that reads "Embrace Your Bump".

Ms Flores said that the family had always been private: "When that happens for 20 years, and it was before the kids even were there, you don't think it's abnormal".

It was a plan the 17-year-old and her siblings had planned for two years, according to Hestrin.

"We're going to do everything we can to assist them through our victims' services division, and hopefully they'll be cared for throughout this process", he said.

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The poll said the median disapproval rating of USA leadership increased almost as much as approval has declined. Among Israeli respondents, President Donald Trump's approval rating is 67 percent.

"The staff that's worked with them have made comments to me", Uffer said.

"I want them to know they do have family that they love, whether they know us or not", she said.

And finally, if any of the children testify, they could use the journals to refresh their memory on witness stand, much the way a police officer reviews a report before testifying about an old crime, she said. The whole family have asked for 20 years to be able to Skype them.

'They had a huge garbage dumpster at their house and we heard a baby kitten crying. Police believe any education they received came from their parents and they were made to keep freaky hours, sleeping most of the day and remaining awake during the night.

Louise's brother said that the discovery has shocked him and other family members, who used to think that David and Louise were living the ideal life. "They're getting everything they need to get into a better place".

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Couple accused of chaining up 13 children lived in North Texas