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Schumer: Trump On 'Sidelines' As Shutdown-Ending Deal Forged

23 January 2018

A fifth Republican, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, voted "no" too, but only as part of a parliamentary maneuver to make it easier to bring another bill to the floor.

The Senate achieved a breakthrough on Monday that paves the way for an end to the partial federal government shutdown, which began midnight Friday amid an impasse over federal funding.

The current government funding expired on Friday midnight as the Senate failed to advance a stopgap spending bill, which had passed the House of Representatives and would fund the government through February 16.

But by relenting, the Democrats prompted a backlash from immigration activists and liberal base supporters who wanted them to fight longer and harder for legislation to protect from deportation the 700,000 or so younger immigrants who were brought to the country as children and now are here illegally.

After a special weekend session of Congress which had seen bitter recriminations traded by both parties, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged to address Democrat concerns over key issues such as immigration reform in a speech to the chamber late on Sunday. She added that senators who voted Monday in favor of the deal "are not resisting Trump, they are enablers".

"Shutting down the government and depriving American citizens of services because you want amnesty for illegal immigrants is a massive political blunder", said Cotton. A frustrated Schumer has since said talking to the President was akin to "negotiating with Jell-O". The House quickly approved the compromise.

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Democratic and independent senators who relented in the standoff said they did not necessarily trust McConnell, but had faith that the bipartisan negotiators, including Sens.

This was in addition to a promise from McConnell to allow a vote on a measure to protect the Dreamers from deportation.

This time around, Democrats want any short-term spending legislation to include protections for young undocumented immigrants known as "Dreamers". "We will vote today to re-open the government".

A bipartisan group of more than a dozen senators, led by Republican Susan Collins of ME and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia, crowded in front of an ornate 19th century clock in a hallway outside the Senate chamber to claim credit for the breakthrough and pledge their interest in overcoming partisan gridlock.

The U.S. Senate has passed a deal to end the shutdown of the federal government, now in its third day.

But if no progress is made on an immigration bill, Molly Reynolds of the Brookings Institution warned, "Democrats still have the ability to potentially force another shutdown over the issue".

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Sunday morning on Twitter, he called on the GOP-controlled Senate to consider deploying the "nuclear option" - changing Senate rules to end the filibuster - and reopen the government with a simple majority.

Democrats have pinned the blame on Trump and the GOP for the shutdown, saying the president is an unreliable negotiator and will not work with them. "So I'm glad we've gotten past that and we have a chance now to get back to work".

Republicans seemed content to hope additional Democrats will break as pressure builds and the impact of the shutdown becomes clearer.

The White House refused to negotiate over immigration, one of the Democrats' central issues, while the government remained closed. Numerous shutdown's full effects were less visible during the weekend, when much of the federal workforce would typically be off anyway.

Asked why anyone should believe that Congress won't be back on a funding cliff and partisan paralysis in early February, Collins noted that the bipartisan group represented a quarter of the 100-member Senate.

The Democratic senators who voted against ending debate were: Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Cory Booker (N.J.), Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.), Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Kamala Harris (Calif.), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Patrick Leahy (Vt.), Ed Markey (Mass.), Robert Menendez (N.J.), Jeff Merkley (Ore.), Chris Murphy (Conn.), Bernie Sanders (Vt.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Ron Wyden (Ore.).

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Schumer: Trump On 'Sidelines' As Shutdown-Ending Deal Forged