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Democrats "did everything they could" to Stop FISA memo

31 January 2018

Kelly told Wray and Rosenstein that Trump was still inclined to publicly release the document, but would first have the National Security Council and the White House counsel review it, an examination could take several days.

"It's up to the president", Conway told CNN in a separate interview regarding the timing of its release. Jim Risch, simply declined to comment on the memo.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, also expressed outrage after Republicans on his committee voted to release Nunes' memo, but not an opposing memo written by Democrats.

The document was commissioned by Representative Devin Nunes, the House committee's Republican chairman who had recused himself from the panel's Russian Federation probe.

So far, the official said, the Justice Department is the only agency opposing its release.

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Even if the classified report is great, it won't matter, he said, because the opportunity to "needle the Russians" has been lost. But the published USA report was criticised as an innocuous list compiled from public sources.

The New York Times reported the person was former Trump adviser Carter Page.

Manchin, who described himself as a "very independent" member of his caucus, said he was also happy to hear Mr. Trump cover issues like nation's dwindling infrastructure, the opioid crisis and clean coal during his speech to the joint session of Congress.

The White House says it's unlikely that a classified memo on the Russian Federation investigation written by the House intelligence committee will be released Tuesday. Releasing the memo could result in "maximum damage with the minimum possible public education". Are you glad the committee voted? Conaway and Schiff said former White House strategist Steve Bannon was expected to appear before the panel behind closed doors Wednesday.

Assistant Attorney-General Stephen Boyd wrote to Congress last week, warning lawmakers that releasing the memo without giving the Justice Department and the FBI an opportunity to review it "would be extraordinarily reckless", as doing so could harm national security and ongoing investigations. "I'll let you read the memo and you will see for yourself that it's not necessary", Conaway said. As sources told Axios, Trump "believes [the memo's contents] will solidify in the public's mind that there's a Deep State out to get him", and sees its release as "vindication, despite Justice Department resistance". Not surprisingly, the committee hasn't agreed to release a dueling Democratic memo.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called for a "cleansing" at the FBI Tuesday morning, saying the House Intelligence Committee should release a bombshell report that outlines systemic abuse by the Department of Justice in surveilling American citizens.

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At least some of the details in the majority's memo are said to be based on intelligence that is so highly classified that it is considered "Gang of Eight" material, available to only a select few congressional leaders.

President Trump has five days to decide whether to block the release of a classified memo that's critical of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice.

"Given a lot of stuff that's already public about Page and about past known attempts to recruit him, it certainly seems like they could well have plenty to go on without the dossier", Sanchez said. "Oh, don't worry. 100%", Trump said, adding "Can you imagine that?" The Republican-led committee blocked the release of a competing memo compiled by its Democratic members.

Ahead of President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, the political bitterness between the Republicans and the Democrats has deepened, this time over the FBI's alleged surveillance abuses.

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He added: "I do not know what will follow in the wake of this list, but its very appearance has no precedents in global history". Russia's credit rating agency ACRA said the U.S. report had "not affected significantly the financial stability of our country".