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Here's what it would cost the Broncos to sign Kirk Cousins

01 February 2018

Rarely do quarterbacks of Cousins' caliber hit free agency - a certainty after the Redskins traded for Alex Smith on Tuesday - and the bidding war figures to be fierce. Smith has posted a 50-26 record as a starter for the Chiefs and has been named to the Pro Bowl the past two seasons.

Maccagnan has already swung and missed on his two quarterback picks: Bryce Petty and especially Christian Hackenberg. That's why the Chiefs had to move on from him. They could fit him onto the roster without having to shed the contracts of players who could be instrumental to the rebuilding process, and playing in a market like NY would also offer the face of the franchise further financial opportunities. The veteran safety was particularly pissed that the team traded Fuller, who joined the Skins as a rookie in 2016 out of Virginia Tech. And that's what this spring will be, when Kirk Cousins moves on to become the first established quarterback in more than a decade to cash out in free agency. The Vikings were in the NFC Championship Game the same year the Brown were 0-16. As much as Elway might be averse to removing talent from the defensive side of the football, the acquisition of Cousins could well compel the Broncos to part ways with Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib, whose ball-hawking skills and $11 million salary might be a better fit for our old friend John Lynch as he builds his roster in San Francisco. But nothing about his history suggests he's a lift-a-modestly-talented-squad-on-his shoulders player.

We are about to see an all-out bidding war for Kirk Cousins, making a pretty good National Football League quarterback look like an elite quarterback. NY has nearly $80 million in cap space available. That number is expected to be roughly $100 million after a couple of cuts.

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The Jets also hold the No. 6 draft spot. They get more than a stockpile of picks to take advantage of on draft day.

Depending on where Cousins lands, the Packers could be impacted.

Thus begins the NFL's quarterback carousel this offseason, one that figures to include the 49ers signing Jimmy Garoppolo to a long-term contract or at least the franchise tag.

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Kirk Cousins was seated at a table in the Mall of America food court Wednesday when two reporters from NY approached. Statistically, it's proven to be too rare for our "Franchise QB" standards, but this is what it looks like when Cousins is "on". Like Buffalo, Jacksonville has about a third of the cap space as the Jets.

The offseason will play out, but at this point, the Browns are looking at perhaps adding a Bengals backup, paying a king's ransom for Cousins, pursuing other less than stalwart players, hoping for a surprise or going young with a draft pick and DeShone Kizer.

That's the path that makes sense for the Bills. "He's going to come in and he's going to demand perfection of the guys he's working with".

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Here's what it would cost the Broncos to sign Kirk Cousins