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Trump says immigration deal may not be possible before DACA ends

04 February 2018

Trump was interrupted more than a hundred times by the applause of everyone in the chamber except a bunch of bitter and sullen Democrats.

Then there are the midterm elections.

Those are only two of the prevarications tossed out by Trump in recent months. I am still hopeful, but I don't see this Congress and this President coming to an agreement that prevents the deportation of the Dreamers.

Though Trump has repeatedly expressed an eagerness to broker major bipartisan legislation during his presidency, his rhetoric on the matter has lacked substantive follow-through.

The Hill reported that Trump asked a divided nation to reunite after his first year in office at his first State of the Union Address.

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The Democrats couldn't have clapped for President Trump even if they wanted to - even if he had brought Nancy Pelosi back from the dead - because they were sitting on their hands. Instead of endlessly debating them in an attempt to win political points, Republicans and Democrats should work together to efficiently turn the president's words into actual policy and thus improve the lives of the everyday citizens they have pledged to represent.

Without resorting to the language of "crumbs" or "repeal and replace" that can be easily mocked by Republicans, Democrats must continue to hammer away at the points of the GOP tax plan that made it so unpopular to begin with.

However, the deadlines for President Trump's proposals are fast approaching, with one coming on February 8., which is related to how the United States government can appropriate its expenditures to keep the country running as smoothly as possible. The president abandoned the inflammatory, populist rhetoric of his campaign, replacing it with offers to compromise and collaborate with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

A commitment to compromise from the president is a good example for Congress to follow.

Trump, whose election success hinged partly on his tough line on immigration, has said he is open to letting 1.8 million young immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children stay in the country and eventually become citizens. But early reports of the proposal have been rejected by the right and the left. "That's actually pretty courageous".

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I can't recall a single State of the Union speech where the Democrats got excited about what a Republican president was saying or vice versa.

Electing more Republicans "is another way of doing it", he said, prompting cheers. Now it's also about a border wall with Mexico, cuts in legal immigration, retribution for alleged presidential comments about "shithole" countries and the general concept of "merit-based" immigration. That 1995 address was longer than 9,100 words as well, the longest of this time span. "I don't know. We'll do a phase two", Trump said breezily while praising House Ways and Means Committee Chairman for his efforts on pushing through the tax overhaul.

"One of the keys to being a governing majority is to govern".

The four-part Trump plan is also opposed by Democrats, who fear that the reforms will sharply cut the long-term inflow of government-dependent migrants. A resolution on that is likely to end in border security funding that Trump can sell to his core supporters as a down payment on a wall while Democrats tell their voters it's not a real wall. And they were best friends, and everybody got along. You don't see that too much anymore. "We're going to give them a chance to make them permanent". Johnson's claim is different than Trump's, but helps provide a clearer picture of the sources of legal immigration. Now 55 percent say Trump has been at least somewhat successful in getting his agenda through Congress, while 41 percent say he hasn't been successful.

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Trump says immigration deal may not be possible before DACA ends