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Here's what the critics are saying about "Black Panther"

06 February 2018

It sounds insane, but when the film kicks into high-gear, you can plainly see how those qualities coalesce into something extraordinary.

For artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey, he was happy creating his own spin on the popular Black Panther mythos featuring some of the big names in the film, Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan. With the release of Black Panther almost upon us, Marvel has released the official IMAX poster for the film, along with an online promo reminding fans to buy those opening night tickets while they still can.

Many reviews have singled out director Ryan Coogler for praise, applauding his ability to deliver a film with a distinctive voice within the boundaries of the franchise, and its mega-studio owners Disney. Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) and Andy Serkis (just about anything you've ever seen that had an incredible motion capture performance) also star in well-placed supporting roles. It's powerful myth-making not just for its obvious timeliness but for the film's honest grappling with heritage and destiny. "In an interview I heard someone say 'Get worldwide on your phone and call your mum, ' [then] important stuff, literally, happened that night". I left the theater wanting to see this movie at least 10 more times. Just like Wonder Woman did a year ago, this movie will steam roller everything in its path. Let us know down in the comments section below! But when he did see it, he says watching it is indescribable.

Handled with a similar bombastic flair is T'Challa's violent coronation, where he must defeat mountain tribe leader M'Baku (Winston Duke) in single combat - a biff-fest that recalls Coogler's previous movie, Rocky sequel Creed.

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Snipes recently revealed that Blade came about after he had tried and failed to get Black Panther on to the screen. He's also really smart. "They're all very different people, and Kevin is kind of at the head of this. Let's go.' I didn't expect that".

What he doesn't get to do much of is jump around beating-up bad guys. "That the actors all have story arcs to play makes their work all the more substantial".

With the state of the comics changing, the film adaptation must also reflect those changes. It's happened with the movies.

Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories - and introducing some of its most fully realized characters. There's a solid story in "Black Panther" (written by Coogler and Joe Robert Cole), which might get tiresome for some audiences.

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While the poster presents a striking image, it hardly seems that Marvel's Black Panther needs any further artistic promotion this late in the game. "So you don't feel like you're just playing a guy in a suit; you're playing a conflicted, well-rounded character", Boseman said. In moments like these, we're reminded just why representation matters. "It's like, 'Fuck, that's tragic and kind of insane and kind of weird.' It was an incredible experience working with Ryan. However, we're opposed to hate speech and bullying, and don't allow either on our platform". "No, yes, I agree".

But Snipes said that every time he said "Black Panther", financiers didn't think of the superhero, but the beret-clad rebels of the Civil Rights the 1960s movement. "To be a part of something that is so groundbreaking", Serkis added. Even Boyz n the Hood director, John Singleton, when approached, wanted to take the superhero and put him into the Civil Rights battles. We don't have to be comic relief. An early flashback, to 1992 Oakland, California, shows one Wakandan's failed efforts to smuggle Vibranium in order to empower struggling African-Americans.

Comics vs. Film: In a departure from the comic book plot, Wakanda's Dora Milaje ("Adored Ones") don't merely double as T'Challa's harem of betrothed wives-in-waiting.

South Floridians can win one complimentary admit-two passes to a special 3D Advance Screening of BLACK PANTHER before it opens nationwide on February 16, 2018.

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