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Flu season worst on record in Spokane County

07 February 2018

- The dominant strain in Texas is A (H3N2), while A (H1N1) and B are co-circulating.

Nationwide, the Centers For Disease Control reports at least 53 children have died from the Flu so far this season.

If you still haven't gotten vaccinated during this brutal flu season, you still have time to protect yourself. The holy grail, however, is a universal flu vaccine that would be effective against both seasonal and pandemic flu outbreaks.

National trends have indicated one of the worst flu seasons in 10 years with record numbers of hospitalizations for influenza-like illnesses. Cell-based technology may offer the potential for better protection over traditional, egg-based flu vaccines because it results in vaccine viruses that are more similar to flu viruses in circulation, according to the CDC.

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That same day in Alabama, Aaron Masterson, 12, was declared brain dead and taken off of life support after cystic fibrosis made his flu diagnosis deadly. More than 50 children have already died in America. "We're still in flu season", Randi Pederson said. Butler County had 697 flu cases and Washington County had 1,377 cases, the health department said. The flu season ends in the spring.

Hospital stays because of the flu also increased. She said larger pharmacies commonly receive their vaccination batch earlier than smaller clinics, such as Health & Wellness Services.

How effective is this year's flu shot?

"The kids who actually did receive the flu vaccine this year are a lot less sick than those who did not get the vaccine at all". Smith said those who haven't received a flu shot yet should do so "immediately", and that those at high risk of developing complications from the flu should consider getting prescription medication.

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"We want to make sure that everyone out there is protected".

The previous years' peaks hardly provide a clue, as they have varied from the 13th to the 16th to the 19th to the 21st to the 24th week of other seasons whose numbers are represented on the department website.

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness with symptoms such as fever, chills, aches, cough and sore throat.

Moore says the influenza kills one to two percent of people who are infected with it.

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Flu season worst on record in Spokane County