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SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, the world's most powerful, soars into orbit

07 February 2018

An estimated half-million spectators watched the rocket take to the skies from the beaches and other viewing points along Florida's east coast. The privately owned mega-rocket was put to the test that could pave the way to travel to Mars and to more commercialization of space.

SpaceX is targeting a long, oval orbit around the sun for the Roadster that will take the auto as far out as Mars, and have it making laps for a billion years. The rocket, which is on its course to the orbit of planet Mars, is the first step in Musk's ambitious dream to send humans to Mars and create a colony on the planet.

Making it the most powerful functioning rocket on Earth. The mission, to lift-off from Cape Canaveral, will see it launch the Arabsat 6A satellite into orbit.

With 27 engines, the Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket in the world.

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Falcon Heavy is a large, reusable launch vehicle that will allow closely held SpaceX to bid on heavier payloads than it can with its Falcon 9, such as big commercial satellites and national security missions.

He has plenty of experience with rocket accidents, from his original Falcon 1 test flights to his follow-up Falcon 9s, one of which exploded on a nearby pad during a 2016 ignition test.

SpaceX's Elon Musk also runs the electric carmaker Tesla.

Falcon Heavy's two side boosters detached from the rocket a few minutes after launch, careened back toward Earth with a sonic boom, and landed on the ground at Cape Canaveral for potential use in a future launch.

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A space-suited mannequin was strapped in the driver's seat, and the radio set to play a David Bowie soundtrack on a loop.

Musk later revealed the third booster, brand new, missed the floating landing platform and slammed into the Atlantic at 300mph, scattering shrapnel all over the deck and knocking out two engines. Recycling rockets, Musk said, keeps down the cost for his company.

SpaceX attempted to land all three of Falcon Heavy's first stage cores during this test. That honor belongs to NASA's Saturn V rocket, which was used for the Apollo moon landings and was retired in the 1970s. A recent discussion on the website's forum, which was likely over one of the Flacon Heavy photographs (the topic was "MOVED: Earth, from a car), was itself moved by the moderator to a category called "Complete Nonsense".

"I had this image of a giant explosion on the pad with a wheel bouncing down the road with the Tesla logo landing somewhere", he said.

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