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There's another iPhone X bug and it sounds like a huge pain

07 February 2018

The first news report of the issue came in December from Indian blog, PiunikaWeb, which linked to several threads on Apple's forums detailing complaints dating back to November.

"Most iPhone X users are facing these issues including my friends and colleagues", one forum user wrote.

Apple has reported it's starting a fix program for a "small percentage" of iPhone 7 user who are experiencing a "no service" error.

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Another said: "Whenever I receive an incoming call on my iPhone X, ringtone starts but the display comes in after 6 to 8 seconds". A restart of the iPhone is said to temporarily address the bug, but after a number of further incoming calls it is experienced again. It appears that the latest iOS 11.2.5 update for the iPhone X did not solve the issue.

Other users have performed full restores of their iPhones, but have found that, although the issue is absent initially, it resurfaces after a period of time. "Not only I can't answer the phone, I also can't see who is calling, but only after about 10 seconds", a user complained.

This isn't the only problem that has faced iPhone X users. By any chance, if it could be a hardware issue, it might affect a specific number of users or all buyers. Hence, Apple India has announced an increase in the prices of iPhones, Apple Watches, and some other devices.

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A separate note from a Deutsche Bank analyst, reported today in the investor site ZeroHedge, also offered a dim outlook for the iPhone X.

The supercycle is marked by a fresh wave of customers and upgrades for a new device, like the iPhone X, which did not materialize in the past quarter. This was literally a green line that went across the edge of the iPhone X's display.

If you don't desire to take that risk, what you can best do is to seek out for iOS versions of your preferred Android applications and then download on your iPad or iPhone via Apple App Store.

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Incidentally, Apple is planning to take a less aggressive approach with respect to new features when it rolls out iOS 12 later this year.

There's another iPhone X bug and it sounds like a huge pain