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Here's the teaser trailer for Venom, starring Tom Hardy

08 February 2018

Sony has released the first teaser for Venom, starring Tom Hardy. The only thing we get is a quick shot of the gooey black alien symbiote that will eventually turn Hardy into the villain. A death. An accident. But the trailer had one moment that stood out over everything else: No Venom. And if a beating heart inside a wax figure isn't enough to get you going, you're even allowed to cuddle the hell out of Hardy. "Our own issues. Our own. demons".

They show costar Michelle Williams after the word "breakup". Or maybe it won't. Is this a case where Sony is anxious to show off Venom before the movie is released on October 5? Venom is one of the most fascinating characters in comics, and although it has gotten its live-action version before in Sam Raimi's film, it was not received well. Now he's crossed over to the rival Marvel universe to play Venom in the much-anticipated spinoff of the "Spider-Man" franchise. Fans of the comics will know that he becomes the host of an evil alien "symbiote" that results in some superhero-like powers, though not without some torment. While it gave him enhanced strength, it also made him aggressive. However, it also causes increased aggression.

Senate leaders announce 2-year budget deal to avoid government shutdown
Trump announced he would end the program in September but gave Congress six months to pass a law to extend it. Heritage Action said the deal "is fiscally irresponsible and creates serious long-term budget challenges".

All in all, it's an intriguing teaser, but if I had no idea who Venom was, I wouldn't be sure what they were trying to sell me. Unlike most Marvel and DC trailers, Sony have chosen to keep the revealing of Venom a surprise - focusing on Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock throughout the trailer.

Venom hits theaters October 5, 2018.

Maldives Crisis: China Warns India Against Any Interference in Maldives
Gayoom's lawyer and nephew Maumoon Hameed said on Twitter that his uncle had been informed of the imminent transfer by police. Several countries have warned against travel to the country, which depends heavily on tourism, at the peak of the season.

Want more stuff like this? Stay tuned for an official trailer.

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Australian shares dropped 3.0 per cent to their lowest level since October while South Korean shares dropped 2.0 per cent. In the Middle East, stocks were touched by the USA and Asian markets' sell-off, though the losses were more limited.

Here's the teaser trailer for Venom, starring Tom Hardy