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Maldives Crisis: China Warns India Against Any Interference in Maldives

08 February 2018

Zeid's criticism came a day after three Maldives Supreme Court justices annulled their earlier order to free the imprisoned opposition politicians after two of the court's justices were arrested.

A statement issued by them said President Yameen is encroaching on all checks and balances, separation of powers which is tantamount to a breakdown of the entire democratic system.

The Supreme Court in the Maldives has reversed a controversial ruling which dismissed terrorism charges against opposition leaders.

The shock move was seen as clearing the way for Nasheed to end his self-imposed exile and return to the country to contest elections later this year.

Concerned over political crisis in Maldives, India, which is monitoring the situation very "closely", yesterday said it was "disturbed" on the declaration of the emergency by the Maldivian government and described as a matter of "concern" the arrests of the chief justice and political figures there. "The arrest of the Supreme Court's chief justice and political figures are also reasons for concern", the ministry added.

The Supreme Court ruled that the politicians' guilty verdicts had been politically influenced. Instead of complying with the court order, Yameen's security forces began arresting more people.

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"We believe that creating an accountable, transparent, and a coherent Security Council is a clear way to lead this Organisation into the 21st century", Mohamed told the powerful Security Council, which has 15 members.

"India has refrained from pushing Yameen over the past five years, fearing he would further embrace China".

The president's office said some rights have been restricted under the emergency and some laws suspended, though no curfew has been ordered. "On behalf of Maldivian people we humbly request: India to send envoy, backed by its military, to release judges & pol. detainees".

Present crisis was triggered immediately after Supreme Court quashed the convictions against Mohamed Nasheed and eight other opposition leaders.

The Chinese official media which was silent since the crisis broke out in Maldives last week came out today in support of President Yameen's regime.

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Several countries have warned against travel to the country, which depends heavily on tourism, at the peak of the season. He had accused the detained judges of plotting to overthrow him.

Addressing the nation on state television, Yameen said he had acted to prevent a coup, and suggested that the judges had chosen to side with his opponents because they were being investigated for corruption. "As a country, we really need to make the decisions ourselves and find a way by ourselves".

If implemented, these orders would have greatly strengthened the opposition parties both inside and outside parliament and helpedthe opposition carry out its threat to impeach President Yameen.

Earlier, the Election Commissioner, Ahmed Sulaiman, resigned amidst former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's allegation that Yameen is planning to rig the September 2018 Presidential election. Gayoom, who was president from 1978 to 2008, was arrested the same day.

Gayoom's lawyer and nephew Maumoon Hameed said on Twitter that his uncle had been informed of the imminent transfer by police.

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Maldives Crisis: China Warns India Against Any Interference in Maldives