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New Facebook feature will change the way you make comments

09 February 2018

Facebook in a statement to TechCrunch has confirmed that it's testing the Downvote button, and, has also revealed that the test is now being conducted on 5% of Android users in the USA who have the language set to English.

A downvote button sure sounds like a dislike button, which people have been wanting for years and they clarified that with a statement.

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that they are now testing the new tool on a few public posts by Pages in the United States, at the moment. The test is running on public pages and provides an option to users to hide any post and report it as offensive, misleading or off-topic.

This was reported by users on Twitter, and Facebook confirmed yesterday late (February 8) that it is a brief test of comment moderation across a "small set" of English-speaking Android users. "Previously, there was a method for hiding inappropriate content on your page by clicking the "." next to the comment and then clicking "Hide comment". When a user clicks on the particular button, Facebook asks you the reason for it. The screenshots come from Christina Hudler. The new option to downvote comments appears beside the reply option underneath the comment bubble.

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The idea is that Facebook users would actually use the button to warn moderators about distasteful content in comments sections.

Currently, the feature can be used by a small number of users, but it's likely to be available for everyone within weeks.

Speaking of new features, Facebook has also started testing on another option called "choose friends to tag" in comments.

Facebook also wants people to know this isn't a "dislike" button. But there is a catch, this is a downvote button to flag fake news and negative comments, not to show your dislike for a certain post. Is this something you want to see on Facebook?

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Meanwhile, the co-founder of Reddit - which employs upvoting and downvoting - chimed in. And, unlike Reddit, comments with a lot of downvotes won't be buried in a thread.

The ability for people to downvote comments may make it easier for people and communities on Facebook to police trolling and hate speech.

The test was reported earlier by the Daily Beast.

But one way Facebook could generate more meaningful interaction without losing time on site could be by ensuring the most interesting comments are at the top of posts.

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New Facebook feature will change the way you make comments