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Pentagon evaluating dates for military parade in Washington at Trump's request

09 February 2018

We have them for most major holidays in this country. "I had always hoped if the military was surrounding Trump hotel, there would be a general with a bullhorn saying, 'Come out, Mr. President, the game is up!' Meyers joked".

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, a prominent Republican voice on defense matters, said he favored highlighting the country's armed forces but not its weaponry.

The president has repeatedly mused about how he would like a military parade. We honor heroism and sacrifice, not firepower.

And presidential historian Michael Beschloss noted President Dwight Eisenhower, the victorious European commander in World War II, vetoed military parades in his White House years.

The Washington Post first reported that during a January 18 meeting between President Trump and top military officials, Trump gave the "marching orders" to plan a parade.

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White said the U.S. Army would be the executive agent for planning the parade.

Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-Louisiana), said when you're the most powerful nation on earth, you don't have to show off like Russian Federation and China. On "Fox & Friends", Brian Kilmeade blasted the idea as a "waste of money" on Wednesday.

"I don't know", he said, as reported by the website Mediaite.

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Trump was reportedly inspired to host one in Washington after being a guest at France's Bastille Day parade.

Pentagon weighing options for United States military parade - Mattis
That is one of the many small pieces of the Trump strongman puzzle that, when assembled, provide a startling rebuke of democracy. Following the Paris trip he expressed his admiration for the spectacle. "I don't know", co-host Brian Kilmeade said Wednesday.

It is troubling that when you think of gargantuan military parades, you think of North Korea under anybody named Jong, France under Napoleon, Germany under the Kaiser, Germany under Hitler, Russia under Stalin, Russia under Putin, Rome under Caesar.

More recently, the United States has grappled with whether to recognize veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a national parade - and when.

As of just this week, the Berlin Wall has been toppled for longer than it stood - 10,316 days and counting. Lots of tanks and missiles and rocket launchers bigly rumbling down Pennsylvania Avenue and chewing up the asphalt, while the bands play "Hail to the Chief". For all the destructive power on display, communism was bankrupt, both morally and economically. The truth is that such parades are as American as apple pie, celebrated in, among other places, “The Music Man, ” in which the lyrics to “76 Trombones” sing of “horse platoons” and “fifty mounted cannon.” Donald Trump is sometimes likened to the con-person in “The Music Man, ” Harold Hill. "I'm not looking for a Soviet-style hardware display". They are the Potemkin village erected in the hope of fooling the outside world.

To defend itself and its allies, the United States must have a strong military.

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