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Riots Erupt in Philadelphia And New England After Super Bowl LII

09 February 2018

From watching Justin Timberlake performing at the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show, I can say this was easily the most enjoyable halftime show I've seen but it was also the most forgettable.

Prince's sister has said whether the late star would have been angered by Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl tribute.

Harkening back to the infamous "wardrobe malfunction", when Timberlake briefly exposed fellow Super Bowl halftime performer Janet Jackson's breast in 2004, Powers said that moment "haunted" his show on Sunday, which consisted of Timberlake singing his hits and included a tribute to Prince. To that, I riddle you this - Timberlake's half time show was never going to be great because his discography is, aside from a crowning gem here and there, mostly empty and forgettable. Prince was not idolized in the way he deserved, making the performance a real bummer to watch rather than an uplifting tribute to a fallen icon it could have been. However, Jackson's songs and music videos were banned on music channels and radio stations, which was a major blow to her career.

Timberlake includes Prince tribute at halftime

"Go back to Henry and Emily", she says, mentioning his white fanbase.

The only song played from his latest album was also the first single, "Filthy". He brought back classic ballads like "Cry Me A River", but he gave them a more upbeat, energetic sound to go with the rest of his set.

People expect craziness from a super bowl, like Lady Gaga jumping off a ledge to begin her performance and Katy Perry's dancing sharks. It received mixed reviews from both critics and fans.

Russian Athletes Lose Appeal to Compete in Winter Olympic Games
None of this means the intractable issues isolating the North from South - let alone the rest of the world - are solved. Each team will play with six stones instead of the traditional eight and have eight ends instead of the regular ten.

Fans flocked to Twitter to vent that Timberlake's vocals were muted, buried under the backup vocal and instrumental audio, sometimes seeming to drop out altogether.

"Can't Stop The Feeling" was the final song of the show, as Timberlake made his way to the stands and sang alongside spectators.

Under his then-frequent pseudonym Jamie Starr, Prince helmed Sheila's first solo album, "The Belle of St. Mark", and brought her out as the opening act of the "Purple Rain" tour.

Winter Olympics ban on Russians upheld
World cross-country skiing champion Sergey Ustyugov and world biathlon gold medalist Anton Shipulin will also miss the Olympics. North Korea's state news agency has quoted a foreign ministry official dismissing the possibility of any meeting.

Timberlake is not free from controversy or mistakes. Maybe he thought it worked best with "End of Time" and maybe it's his favorite song, but we never really got into why or [talked about] another song. "It's a moment for me, if I'm being quite honest, because he's always been the pinnacle of musicianship for me", Timberlake said".

His Man of the Woods tour starts in Canada this March.

Dow Ends Volatile Day With a Rise of 567 Points
The Dow index provides a price-weighted average of 30 stocks that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ. A bull market is generally defined as an increase of 20 percent or more in broad stock indexes such as the Standard & Poor's 500.

Riots Erupt in Philadelphia And New England After Super Bowl LII