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US Gov't Shuts Down Again as Congress Misses Deadline

10 February 2018

If the measure passes in the wee hours of the morning, the government would open in the morning on schedule.

Paul's action also threw into chaos a carefully choreographed timetable for how the day's legislative business was to be conducted, with swift Senate and House votes so that the budget deal could be sent to the White House Trump's signature with time to spare before midnight in Washington, when federal spending authority ended absent an extension.

The Senate is expected to hold a vote sometime between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Friday and then send the bill to the House.

"I don't understand why the Senator from Kentucky wants to insist on shutting down the federal government", said Sen.

That won over many Republicans, but some were furious over the $131 billion extra made available for non-military spending, including health and infrastructure.

The deal suspends a 2011 budget law championed by conservatives that set hard caps on discretionary spending and included an automatic trigger known as "sequester" cuts if Congress attempted to bust those spending caps. "But the amusing thing is you know so often in the media we hear 'we want you to work together.' They are are working together but working together to spend a ton of money". He has that right. Thanks to disagreements between Congress and President Obama and a 2011 sequestration deal that neither side much liked, inflation-adjusted outlays were nearly the same in 2016 as they were in 2009. "We are in an emergency situation".

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"The Office of Management and Budget is now preparing for a lapse in appropriations", an OMB official said.

But Democrats are gearing up to use rising budget deficits under Trump and what they see as draconian immigration policies to hammer Republicans in the midterm elections when they will seek to take back control of Congress.

The shutdown was expected to last only a few hours, giving the Senate and the House time to pass the 600-page, half-trillion dollar funding bill. "They are a reflection of all the immigrants that have come before".

Paul ridiculed the budget deal, which will increase defense spending by $165 billion over two years, and add $131 billion in non-defense spending in that same period.

It ends a brief shutdown of government spending and keeps the government funded until 23 March, Reuters reported.

That agreement includes a $300 billion increase to both military and non-military spending limits for this year and 2019, and raises the debt until March 1 next year.

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"Part of it depends on the Democrats. It's going to need bipartisan support", the Wisconsin Republican said. "We are going to deliver our share of support". "I feel very good about Republicans".

The overall deal also does not address immigration, a key sticking point for many Democrats, but it does increase spending caps by $300 billion for the Pentagon and domestic priorities, a crucial incentive for getting enough votes from both parties.

Moving legislation quickly through the Senate requires consent by all 100 members, and with barely eight hours before the deadline, Senate leadership was leaning on Paul to drop his insistence on an amendment.

"I love bipartisanship, as you know, " said Sen. He noted that the bill is almost 700 pages long, nobody in the Senate has read it, and it will add more than a trillion dollars to the deficit. But I have an unease with it and hope that the Speaker will man up and decide that we in the House can also have what Mitch McConnell guaranteed in the Senate: "a vote on the floor [on immigration]", Pelosi said. "We will solve this DACA problem", he said. The uncertainty was keeping the capital on edge.

While conservatives, such as those in the far-right House Freedom Caucus, embraced a tax overhaul a year ago that will expand the nation's debt, they adamantly oppose domestic spending increases that the budget deal allows. "If we have to shut it down because the Democrats do not want safety, and unrelated but still related, they do not want to take care of our military, then shut it down", the president said.

The hardline conservative House Freedom Caucus has said most of its roughly 30 members will vote against the legislation. "The budget does move us towards a path of restoring fiscal responsibility". "When you put it all together, a quarter-of-a-trillion dollar increase in discretionary spending - [is] not what we're supposed to be doing".

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The budget bill, which was unveiled by Republican and Democratic senators on Wednesday, was welcomed as a rare showing of political cooperation in Washington, which has been plagued by months of squabbling.

US Gov't Shuts Down Again as Congress Misses Deadline