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Nevada student arrested for threatening to shoot up Clark County school

23 February 2018

Similar threats have been made at several high schools in the USA after the Florida shooting.

Democrats attempted to get a bill to ban assault rifles and large-capacity magazines heard on the House floor on Tuesday.

Wow. The more answers we get, the more questions we have. You are so strong.

Parth said the effort was supported by the faculty at Lakewood High School, located in a suburb on the west side of Cleveland.

"If we want to talk about it we'll talk about it", he said. What's needed is a comprehensive approach - at the national and state levels - and we're not talking about banning all guns. Equally important, Louisiana should make sure law enforcement officers enforce gun safety laws already on the books. "If you don't help us make a change soon, you will be left in the dust", he said. So this is to every lawmaker out there, no longer can you take money from the NRA, no longer can you fly under the radar doing whatever it is that you want to do because we are coming after you. "We must keep our children safe!" "That it's not just them alone in this fight and that the students are working together".

Gov. Rick Scott
Gov. Rick Scott

In the wake of school shootings, there are often discussions of activism and tighter gun control, but the counterpoint seems to always be that it is too early to rally around a tragedy. Marco Rubio of Florida over his NRA ties.

Before Trump's meeting, students across the United States walked out of classes in sympathy protests, including hundreds of teens from the Washington suburbs who gathered in front of the White House.

"We have to harden our schools, not soften them up".

From the school's survivors, and other students across the United States, movements have sprung up in the aftermath rejecting what has been dubbed the "New Formal" for their generation.

"We've had enough of "thoughts and prayers", we've had enough of "we're in your consideration, we're going to think about it, we're going to how we feel because we support so much" because we know that is not true". The rifles will be locked in patrol cars when not in use until the agency secures gun lockers and lockers, he said.

President Trump Meets With State, Local Officials on School Safety
While Trump has stressed mental health and school safety measures, he also has indicated some willingness to alter gun laws. Students from Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School visited the Capitol on Wednesday to talk to lawmakers.

Rochester School Department Superintendent Michael Hopkins and Spaulding Principal Justin Roy both said the added presence - approximately three or four officers - is a precautionary measure.

Stoneman Douglas' school resource officer was carrying a handgun when the shooting happened last week, but did not discharge his firearm. Bump stocks have not played a prominent role in other recent U.S. mass shootings. The sheriff said those details are still being investigated.

Trump also expressed regret that mental hospitals that once warehoused the mentally ill had been closed down.

They chanted "never again" and "I will not be a victim" and joined hands and held them aloft at about 2:20 p.m. Wednesday.

Fusco said the freshman building, where the shooting took place, is still a closed crime scene, so those teachers will be relocated, but she and Gard didn't know what else was planned. Shortly before the town hall event opened, the sheriff of the Florida county torn apart by the rampage spoke to the cheering audience, drawing them to their feet as he exhorted them to press on for stricter gun controls.

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During the NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, James began talking about his aspirations to win his fourth championship . The point total was a career high for Simmons, helping Philadelphia extend its winning streak to a season-best six games.

The 19-year-old man called a school district office in Clark County, Nev. and made the threat. Cruz is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla. He owned a collection of weapons.

Texas A.G. Ken Paxton: 'We have not addressed this issue'.

Trump appeared to be endorsing a plan to raise the minimum age to buy assault-type weapons.

They were demanding lawmakers take action against gun violence.

Legislators are also considering a programme promoted by one Florida sheriff that calls for deputising someone to carry a weapon on campus.

After the Parkland school shooting, Pearl Jam has a message to lawmakers
I remember not having data on my non-smart cellphone, so on my commute back to Coquitlam, I was left entirely out of the loop. They can not vote, they can not send representatives owned by the gun lobby out of office, so their lives do not matter.

Nevada student arrested for threatening to shoot up Clark County school